Fun, fun, fun at Bark Park. Lilu makes friends fast!

Stuffing my mouth full of Daddy’s homemade french fries. YUM!

Puzzle time at my new desk. Cool find!

Funny story…one afternoon we stopped at a local antique shop and looked around. The next day I kept thinking about this desk so, I went back to get it for you. When I picked you up I told you I had gotten that little desk for you and you immediately replied, “Thanks, mama.” I told you we’d put it in your room as soon as we got home and you got excited and said, “That makes me so happy!” You are such a friendly 2 year old! I swear, I love you to pieces!!

Video training Lilu to sit coming soon…

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We’ve been doing the touristy Broadway-thing several weekends here lately. The crowd has passed, the air has cooled. AND local discounts, free teacher admission and children under 2 free…why not?

First stop – the upside-down house. (rip-off!)

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Sombrero with My Chocolate, Please

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Happy Halloween!

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