The Memory Chaser

Posted by Kim on Sunday May 25, 2014 Under Photoetry


I’ve given myself a role in the family. I’m the Memory Chaser.

I catch moments and freeze them.

I hold time still.

I tell the story of our life together.

There’s really nothing more important, I think.




you don’t want your picture taken.






Or we both just get a little photogenic.



Whatever the moment, I chase it.

Game on!


Thanks for the beautiful stories of my life.

I love you too much!



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Sunday, 3:17 PM – Mother’s Day at Tru’s Island

Posted by Kim on Sunday May 11, 2014 Under Tru Moments

I’m not one for holidays.

I’m not that traditional.

But I feel a little something going on on Mother’s Day.

Maybe it’s spring kicking in.

Maybe it’s the school year coming to an end.

Maybe it’s the flowers blooming in my yard.

Or maybe. Just maybe it’s the fact that I live and spend my days with the most extraordinary little boy ever.

In the whole world.

In all of history.


I’ve said it a thousand times a thousand different ways, but you have changed my life.

Everyone has a mom. But not everyone is a mom. That single difference makes this day take new meaning for me. For a long time I was not a mom. That seems like some distant person I used to know. A different life entirely. Now I feel so beyond honored to be your mom. I don’t want a card. I don’t want flowers or gifts. I don’t want anything but you. I cherish you every day, but this day I will cherish you just a tiny bit more. Because I’m your mom and you are my son. No one elses. Just mine. And that’s everything.


I’ve never done something so right in all my life. I look at you and I am so proud.

Because of you. My greatest accomplishment.

You came from me and you are perfect.

You are my gift.

My gift from God.

I love you too much!


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Cruising with Grandma

Posted by Kim on Sunday May 4, 2014 Under Tru Moments



And mama

And Lilu

And Luna

And daddy (not pictured…daddy’d taking the pic)





A family affair.


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[jwplayer config=”video-853×480″ mediaid=”1902″]

We worked on this video a week ago, when you were still 4, but just got it converted.


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