Posted by Kim on Saturday Jan 11, 2020 Under Tru Soundtrack

Diane and Ray, aka Grammy and Poppy, were two love beams in our world.

Shining so much joy and laughter on us.
Making our days brighter and fuller.
Leaving us all feeling touched by goodness.

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  1. MOM Says:

    My DEAR Sweet Kimberly, I just read this, had not found it until Today, Your Words Touch my Heart because I have Shared almost every day with you and all of you all’s Sorrow. Life took a Drastic turn for you all. Losing Grammy was such Heartache, she was a Strong Giver and Devoted Mom but more A Great and Loving Grammy.To think They gave up so much to be there and all Because of Devoted Love. Then You Lost Poppy, The Rock for All. He ran the gun shop and Loved every Minute of it. when There Tru no longer needed THEM TO babysit Grant gave Poppy one of his loves to take care of The Gun Shop. He shared many hours with the Special Friends that came to Visit and spend time just to talk and have a Friend. Then all of a sudden he was gone . What a Challenge this was, But you both stepped up to the task put before you holding on to Poppy’s Deep Love for this way to keep him busy.Time does not Heal All Sorrow.I am so Proud of You All meeting this New time in your Life, Now you have a New time to deal, Some what Bigger, You will come through one with Great Strength and Love only with God. guidance and Love.Praying for God to guide you on this new Challenge and Hold tight to ALL of Your Precious MemoriesALL MY LOVE, MOM in Va.

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