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This life?


Carefully crafted, it has come to be this way.

Getting better with time

Aging gently over the years

Grown from love

Nurtured with laughter

With the strength of ocean waves

Powerful and beautiful

It is a lovely state of serenity.

Whether it is spotting a beautiful flower on our Saturday morning stroll

or enjoying a warm cup of tea after dinner

or receiving a big box of wild blueberries in the mail

We elaborately live in simple moments

Composing our perfect symphony.

I think of when it all started. Right here in North Myrtle, so many summers ago. I met your daddy on the stretch of beach at the end of our street.

A dear friendship that lasted into the winter and beyond. He chatted with me about everything. Secrets. Problems. Fears. And hopes.

He became someone I trusted. Someone I loved.

Years later I was at a crossroads in my life. I was leaving Florida and heading back to Virginia.

Who helped me? Your daddy. I remember pulling over on the side of the highway and calling him from a payphone. Talking and crying. Lost and broken.

He put me back together. He made me feel special. Like everything would be just fine.

And it was.

It was perfect.

He encouraged me and supported me.

He believed in me.

There was a certain kind of harmony that existed between us.

Now we have you – the sweetest, most tender reflection of our love.

My enraptured soul is reminded of all that is good and beautiful.

So, this life?

Yeah, it is perfectly perfect.

Happy anniversary Grant. ?





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  1. grandma in va. Says:

    What a Beautiful and Loving work of Love , Sooo many fun and Special Memories. A friendship that ended in everlasting love and look what has come from that Love, Sweet Tru

  2. grandma in va. Says:

    Love the PAN

  3. Beckie Says:

    Beautiful as always. Like Debbie says you need to write a love novel. Love to all <3

  4. Shawn Says:


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