A Few on My Favorite Things…

Posted by Kim on Saturday Apr 30, 2011 Under A Few of My Favorite Things...

Corn on the cob…yummy yummy!

Another birthday present!

And…NO…I’m not cheating!

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You turned 2 today and we filled your afternoon with the things you love most of all.  I can’t help but realize that in your 2 little years of existence you’ve managed to teach me 2 really BIG life lessons.

1.  You know what you like and you are happy with what you have.

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Spring Break…Whoa-hoo!

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Apr 26, 2011 Under Photoetry

Yeah, we went a little wild and crazy over spring break!

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First: Egg Decorating

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Apr 20, 2011 Under First

These were just plain old, ordinary white eggs until…

You added your smile.

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What I’ve Been Up to Lately…

Posted by Kim on Monday Apr 18, 2011 Under A Few of My Favorite Things...

Tooling on my ipad

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