Your Room – A Work in Progress

Posted by Kim on Saturday Feb 26, 2011 Under Tru Style

Your room is turning into a reflection of you.  I never did much to your room.  You were in our room and I really wanted to know you first.  Know what you liked.  Know what excited you.  Only then would I have a direction.  You would be my guide.  I didn’t want to just buy random things that I liked.  It wasn’t for me.  It’s your very own space in our house and you are surely not random.  As you grow and change it has evolved…revealing more and more of your personality.  Looking more and more like it belongs to you.

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Tru Style: Japanese Monkey Pants

Posted by Kim on Sunday Jul 11, 2010 Under Tru Style

I knew with a name like that, Tru had to have a pair. After all, he is my monkey boy!

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Tru Style: Hanging Solar System

Posted by Kim on Monday Feb 8, 2010 Under Tru Style

On the list for Tru’s room. What little boy wouldn’t love looking at this? It glows in the dark…duh!

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