My World

Posted by Kim on Monday Mar 4, 2013 Under Photoetry

“To the world you may be one, but to one you are the world.”

14 words that sum up how I feel.  No one could possibly understand a love like this until they have created a child.  I know because I was that person.  I’ve loved all my life.  All sorts of things and people, but nothing, absolutely nothing even comes close to the depth of this love in my heart since you slid into my life.  And while I’m fairly sure most parents feel this way about their child, deep down I still feel my love for you is way greater.  It’s impossible to describe.  You are my world…

even when trying to poke me with the fire iron

because there’s always warmth

even when sticking your dirty feet on the table

because there’s always a smile

even when playing with your food

because there’s always peace

even when throwing handfuls of mulch at me

because there’s always fun

even when pelting me with snowballs

because there’s always an angel

even when getting sprinkles everywhere

because there’s always something delicious

You are the world to me for 854,350,291,583,682,091 reasons.

I love you too much.

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