Burning Gold

Posted by Kim on Thursday Mar 31, 2016 Under Photoetry

Spring is green in all its glory

But life with you is burning gold



You start a fire everywhere that you go

The path lit

I follow

My lashes ablaze



The beach was on fire when you came into this world

Landscape glowing orange (…your favorite color)

Out of control

Explosive energy


This flame is in you

Burning bright


Spreading wide past fingertips

Sparks from footsteps



Your laughter feeds the flame

Kindle my heart golden boy


Ignite the day

Fuel the night


This fierce life

Burning gold


I love you too much!


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Lessons From the Flu

Posted by Kim on Friday Mar 25, 2016 Under Tru Moments

Here’s the deal. We have been sick.

Real sick.

I get sinus infections, but that’s about it.

The flu? Nuh-uh.

Haven’t been that sick in years and years and years.

Not being one to watch tv, I pretty much just stared at the walls. In silence. Deafening silence.


So, coming out of a week confined to my bedroom…I’ve learned a few things.

1. You are way tougher than me. You were sick too, but you never complained, whined, fussed, or acted ornery. Quite the opposite of me. You kept your manners and were the most cooperative patient.


2. Real love is revealed. Daddy stepped up. What started out as a little scary…


became filled with tiny blessings.

♥ He made me hot tea with honey at like 3 in the morning because I could not quit coughing.

♥ He did lots of grocery shopping!


♥ He cooked lunch and dinner every day.

♥ He did the laundry.

And my favorite…

♥ He rubbed alcohol on my back.

3. Friends are your greatest treasure. Everything at work was completely taken care of.

Andrea took on my morning hall duty and did plans for the next coming week.

Aimee did lesson plans for the four days I was out, collected field trip money, printed reports for report cards, and pulled my papers for copying.

You find out who is there for you. You find out who is real for you.

4. I have a really awesome tribe!

5. A little company goes a long way. Dogs are the best at everything.


6. I feel so overwhelmed by all of these little acts of kindness, that I realize when I finally do feel better, I am gonna do so much better.

7. Just how long the days and nights really are. What an abundance of time we have on our hands to do with as we please.

8. I sure do miss laughing. Laughter is essential to my soul.

9. Nature is the greatest remedy. Oh how nice, when I finally got to sit outside for a few minutes and feel the wind brush against me…a gentle whisper of calm. And to feel the sun touch my skin with little tickles of warmth. Ahhhhhh.


We are better now.

I love you too much!


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Posted by Kim on Saturday Mar 12, 2016 Under Tru Moments


Here’s the thing. We talk in hashtags now.

For fun.

But, honestly, neither of us fully understands hashtags!

It all started the other week when you were telling us about a bad dream you had.

At the end of your story you said, “#worstdreamever!”

I laughed. You laughed. Daddy laughed.

Now, it’s a thing. We throw it in all the time. Just for fun.

Earlier today we were sitting on the sofa watching a video about a game you play and you were eating a chocolate bar (#makingamess).

Our conversation went a little something like this:

Tru: #getyourlegoffofme

Mama: #benice

Tru: #doofymama

Mama: #imgonnatakeyourchocolatebarbacktokroger

Tru: #imgonnaeatitfirst

Mama: #messychocolatehands

Tru: #getmeawashcloth



#bestboyever #beautifulday #lovingeveryminute



#peaceout #iamagiant



#jumpingonthetrampoline #catchingsomeair #hiya


#toughguy #dontmesswithme #danger



#mytoybrokeintwo #idontknowmyownstrength


#idontevencare #gowiththeflow


#lockedout #beingcreative #timetopressurewash #ihatedeadplants


#racingmama #runforestrun #runlikethewind


#laughteristhebestmedicine #alwayshavingfun #meltsmyheart


#ilovejimmyfallon #makesmelaugh

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Nature Boy

Posted by Kim on Saturday Mar 5, 2016 Under A Few of My Favorite Things..., Tru Soundtrack

There is nothing like outdoors.

Sun on your face. Wind at your back.

You have always been comfortable in nature.

As a baby, you would not want to take a nap or go to bed. We joked that you just did not want to miss anything going on.

So, we would take a little stroll…and BAM. You were dreaming.

I spent many nights under the stars pushing you in the stroller.

We might be bundled up in our winter gear. It did not matter. Out we would go.

The second you felt the air, your breathing changed. You relaxed. You would drift off.

Just so peaceful.

Nature. A part of you.

When it rains, most people come in. We go out.

You would choose to work outside, rather than play inside.

Spreading mulch? You’re the guy.

Picking up hickory nuts? No problem.

Raking leaves? You’re on it.

We ate outside. We played outside. We WERE outside.

And usually always with a garden hose in your hand!

Grammy and Poppy took you to the playground every day.

You would play for hours.

Your absolute favorite thing in the world was to just walk around the yard.

Just walk. And walk. And walk.

We would trek laps around the yard all afternoon and all weekend long.

The purpose?  To admire every little thing and to find the most perfect stick.

I had to be extra careful once you figured out how to open the door.

At any given second you were gone.

Out into the yard.

Out into your world.

I love you too much!

Song: Love ft. Lennon and Maisy

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