Iscape Days

Posted by Kim on Friday Jan 31, 2014 Under Photoetry


A turtle in this world, I creep along

Always behind

But one night things shift

The world comes to a halt

Sleet pings the earth

I know it is her cheering me on



This white glassy world, my arena

Life in slow motion

Pristine silence

Invigorating and refreshing

The world has slowed to my pace


Just us…we walk

Just us…we play

Just us…we live

And now I am a champion

This shiny earth my trophy



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My Tru, My Muse

Posted by Kim on Saturday Jan 4, 2014 Under Photoetry

You are without a doubt my greatest work.  From somewhere deep within it begins.


From a simple moment. From the simplest thing…


a smile


a twinkle


a laugh


a tickle


a look


a hug


but whatever it is, it takes over and every bit of me is inspired.

Every bit of me surrenders.

Every bit of me explodes.


And every bit of you puts me all back together again.


I love you too much, my Tru…my muse.


PS – In my life BT (Before Tru), I thought I was very happy and I loved to write and keep journals. I always said, “If I have a kid, fine. If I don’t, fine. We are happy.”  Then one day I decided I might want to try to have a baby. Your dad said he’d do whatever I wanted.  We totally weren’t prepared for what happened next. Upon laying eyes on you, we were completely blown away. We were 100% head-over-hills in love like never before. Ever. We were absolutely smitten with you and can’t imagine, nor remember life without you in it.  So, yes…from somewhere deep inside you got me and every time I write, I try to put it into words and share this complete joy you have brought into our world.

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