Tru Magic

Posted by Kim on Saturday Dec 31, 2016 Under Photoetry, Tru Moments

Ever since that first flicker

I felt deep inside

Before I ever knew you

I was under you spell

You work your magic every day

You live and breath your magic

Fire magic

Enchanting laughter

Charming eyes

Casting good out into this world

Encircling others with your fiery love magic

Every second a kind of hypnotic show.

I can not believe my eyes

But I know my heart.

And I know your heart.

Connected by a single spark

I get to live in this magic.

Moment after magical moment.

I love you too much!


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Every Day

Posted by Kim on Saturday Dec 3, 2016 Under Photoetry

Every day you grow bigger.




You grow smarter.



Every day.


Every day the world grows wider.



Every day.

Because of you.


Every day my heart grows fuller.



Every day.

Because of you.

Every single day.

I love you too much!

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Elegant Love

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Nov 1, 2016 Under Photoetry

This feeling with you is luxurious.

Simply elegant love.


A richness found by living soaked in joy.

You lavish me with lovable moments.


In the laughter we share over things like a Pokemon character or while practicing our dance moves.

In the sweet touch of your foot searching out mine while propped on the ottoman.

In the gentle coaching you offer while taking over my mouse in a computer game to help me out.


Your life, a treasure chest of sparkling gem-filled days


Our home…a paradise.

I love you too much!



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Luscious Life

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Jul 27, 2016 Under Photoetry

This life of ours

This juicy, succulent life of ours


I could just eat it up

Savoring every second




Where once I was bruised and battered

now I am blooming soft and tender


This luscious life

Ripe with love

Squishy from all this goodness


Pouring buckets of joy

This luscious life washing over me

Gushing from all of my pores


Dripping with happiness

Quenching my soul



This luscious, scrumptious life of ours.

I love you too much!


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Ray of Sunshine

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Jul 20, 2016 Under Photoetry

It is hard to think of a time when we are not laughing.

You wake with a smile and my heart fills with love and light.

All day long we find joy.

Eating marshmallows on the golf cart…


Your light shines.

Sitting in Daddy’s office waiting for the rain to stop…


Your light shines.


Your light shines bright into my days.

Your light shines beauty into my world.


Your light shines love into my life.

I love you too much!


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Tank You, Daddy

Posted by Kim on Friday Jul 1, 2016 Under Photoetry

Some days, most days, I feel like I am doing it all wrong. I feel like this privilege of being your mom is too great for me.

Then Daddy comes along and makes it all so beautiful.


He makes being a parent easy.

He brings the calm. He brings the clarity. He brings the spirit.

Whenever I am doubtful, I look to him and he makes it all make sense.


Daddy is the very essence of unconditional love.

He connects with you and keeps the focus on you.

On growing you and nurturing you.

On expanding your horizons and deepening your understanding.

He is all about teaching you, but in the most exploratory, hands-on way.

He breathes life right into this family.


I recently read that the best we can do for our children, is to be the adults we hope they will become.

I hope you become just like your daddy.

I love you too much!

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What it Means

Posted by Kim on Sunday May 8, 2016 Under Photoetry, Tru Moments

What it means to me to be your mom…


It means scratches and marks all over the hardwood floors and dirty hand prints on the walls.

It means Lightning McQueen stickers on the refrigerator doors and chocolate smudges on the leather furniture.

It means playing like I am 7 years old, when clearly, I am not.

It means getting up to fix you a glass of water when I just got perfectly comfy in bed.

It means learning and playing LOTS of video games that I would NEVER play in a million years.

It means packing lunch when I really don’t feel like it.

It means being the butt of all the jokes, all the time.



Being your mom means having a home filled with tons of laughter and songs and dance. (I listen to the Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 song on repeat and the Minecraft song: 1 HOUR version “Girls Know How to Fight.”)


It means finding exquisite comfort and peace as we eat popcorn and watch a movie together on the couch with your little feet in my lap.

It also means feeling like I have stumbled across the fountain of youth and jump on a trampoline everyday and have epic Nerf battles.


Being your mom means getting excited when you are teaching me a new video game because you are so excited you that you jump up and down beside my computer and can not sit down. (And you cheer me on with really sweet compliments and words of encouragement even though I suck.)


It means having deep conversations with someone I respect and gaining a new perspective on life. Just yesterday you started a round of “Would You Rather” and asked me if I would rather have my house and no Tru or have Tru and no house? I immediately answered that I would give up everything if it meant not having my boy. You said, “Wow.” I asked why you were surprised and you said something along the lines that you only meant the house, not everything. I explained to you that none of it mattered if I did not have you. None of it. Then you posed question 2 – “Would you rather you be alive and not me or me alive and not you?” I answered, “You alive, not me.” And you quietly said, “That’s what I would want too.” 🙂

It also means feeling a sense of pride never imagined before. Any little achievement you make, is huge in my eyes. As a teacher I see all kids do all things. But to watch you experience something, touches a delicate part of my soul. It is a feeling of joy deep inside that bubbles up and over like champagne.



Being your mom means creating something more precious than even the Mona Lisa. Take that, da Vinci! You are a masterpiece. A living, breathing, piece of art designed by a greater love than mine alone.


It means having it all and loving it!

But, most of all it means the greatest honor life can bestow upon me is that of your mama.



Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you too much!!



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My Tru

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Apr 26, 2016 Under Photoetry

7 years ago this happened…



and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. No doubt.

I love when I get a package in the mail. It’s exciting, no matter what it is.

Shampoo, dish detergent, or a new book.

Does not matter. Seeing the delivery truck stop in front of the house makes me smile.

That is what every single day is like with you. Like getting a package.


April 26, 2009 I delivered you, but you have been delivering to me ever since.

You deliver the sweetest smiles.

You deliver the boldest laughs.

You deliver quiet moments of thought and conversation.

You deliver wild romps of games and fun and jumps on the trampoline.

You deliver the most tender kindness and the most loving consideration.


Every day you open this beautiful world for me just a little bit more.

You open my eyes and my heart to see that real joy is in a simple moment.


The moment when you lay your head on my shoulder as I carry you to the car so early in the morning.

The moment I squeeze you tight at lunch before you push me away.

The moment I see you coming down the hall at the end of the school day.

The moment our heads are side by side on the pillow reading a book as you gently fall to sleep.

You deliver daily packages over and over again.

So many, in fact, I can not keep up.

These moments fly by, so I must slow down.

I whisper, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”


You are a gift.

Each moment is a gift.

This life is a gift.

Happy 7th birthday!

I love you too much!



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Lucky Seven

Posted by Kim on Saturday Apr 23, 2016 Under Photoetry


7 years old.

I often wonder how I got so lucky.

7 beautiful years.

7 years of awe and laughter and just pure joy.

7 years of making my heart grow and soften.

7 years of creating this life that is so magnificent.

So splendid.

So preciously big.

7 years of shining your brilliant light into my world.

Making everything better.


Spreading love and tenderness.

7 years of heaven…right here on Earth.









I said wave and this is what I got…




I love you too much!

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Burning Gold

Posted by Kim on Thursday Mar 31, 2016 Under Photoetry

Spring is green in all its glory

But life with you is burning gold



You start a fire everywhere that you go

The path lit

I follow

My lashes ablaze



The beach was on fire when you came into this world

Landscape glowing orange (…your favorite color)

Out of control

Explosive energy


This flame is in you

Burning bright


Spreading wide past fingertips

Sparks from footsteps



Your laughter feeds the flame

Kindle my heart golden boy


Ignite the day

Fuel the night


This fierce life

Burning gold


I love you too much!


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