Sweet Sixteen

Posted by Kim on Sunday Aug 22, 2010 Under Uncategorized

Okay. I can’t believe it, but you’ll turn 16 months old this week! It seems like I should still have this little, teeny tiny baby, but you’re such a big boy already. And you’d think it would all seem so normal for me now, but I’m completely blown away by you every second of every day. I still look at you and can’t believe you came from me. That I made you. Something so incredibly beautiful. So incredibly brilliant. And you’re just here now. Just running around like you own the place. I watch you and I watch you and I watch you. I never get tired of watching you. I don’t even know what to think most of the time. You’re like a constant little miracle in motion. The 8th wonder of the world right here in my living room. Every day is huge. Gigantic. Enormous. My days are full. My life is full. My heart is full. Soooooo, what’s the big fuss, you ask?

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One Potato, Two Potato

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Helping Poppy pick potatoes.

Hey look! There goes a big tractor.

Preparing for dinner has never been so much fun!

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Heavy Machinery and trucks of any kind

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