Love is…

Posted by Kim on Saturday Feb 14, 2015 Under Photoetry


Love is many things, but since having you it’s become much clearer to me.

More focused, yet all-encompassing.

More intense, yet fragile.

More intentional, yet serendipitous.


Love is…




a lazy Saturday morning serenade. You make up songs as you go. Singing freely.

Love is…





running around the backyard with the puppy dogs. There’s nothing better than seeing their tails wag at the sight of us.¬†Or how they rub up against us when we are together and lean into us with their soft, strong bodies to show affection, nearly knocking us over.

Puppy hugs.

Love is…






jumping on the trampoline on a cold and cloudy day. With a sword, no doubt. The imagination hard at work. Creating scenarios. Narrating as you go.

Love is…






jumping on the trampoline on a warm and sunny day. Making faces the whole time. Seeing how silly you can be. Just raw fun.


Love is small moments of surprises that whisper to us during the day. Those moments we discover as we make our way along. Doing all the things we ordinarily do.

It’s the moment I stop and look at you when you are talking, because nothing else matters more than what you are saying to me.

It’s the moment I pause while unloading the dishwasher to watch how crazy fast you can run into the living room.

It’s the moment when we are playing and you say something funny and we both crack up laughing out loud.

It’s the moment when you jump into bed, lay down flat and I flap the blanket over you. You giggle and say, “Again!” again and again until my arms are tired.

It’s the moment I look in my rear view mirror and see you engrossed in deep conversation, because we don’t turn on the radio. We talk to each other.

I could go on and on. We are overflowing with moments.

Gorgeous moments.

Beautiful moments.

I’m so grateful for each of them. For these moments make our life joyful.


Love is tender.

Love is fierce.

Love is a boy named Tru.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love you too much!!

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My One + Another One = 11

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Feb 4, 2015 Under Dear Tru


Your Daddy and I have been married 11 years, but he’s been my best friend for 25.

Okay. To be honest, I forgot it was our anniversary until I read it on Facebook thanks to a post. I am not one for dates. I don’t remember them and I don’t think of them. One day just goes into the next and they are all special to me. One day in my life does not hold any more significance to me than any other day that I’m breathing. I count each one a blessing, especially with my boys.

11 years.


I’m one. He’s one. And together we’re two ones…11.


He’s my other one.

And I’m so glad he is.


We are in sync with one another, side by side.


In all of our years together we’ve created so much. So much together. So much we share.

One love +

One friend +

One joy +

One life +

One comfort +

One hope +

One tenderness +

One pleasure +

One adventure +

One heart +

One son +

Equals 11 years of bliss.


I love you both too much!


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