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Lilu’s new best friend, Murphy came over for a play date.

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Logical Reasoning…and You’re just 2!

Posted by Kim on Monday Jan 16, 2012 Under Tru Moments

On the way home the other day you asked where our house was, so daddy made up a game…

Daddy: Are you a bird that lives in a nest?
Tru: I can’t fly!

Daddy: Are you a hermit crab that lives in a shell?
Tru: My back is too big.

Daddy: Are you a bear that lives in a cave?
Tru: I’m afraid of caves daddy.

Daddy: Are you a duck that lives in a pond?
Tru: I don’t know how to swim.

Daddy: Are you a beaver that lives in a damn?
Tru: A damn? Live in a damn? (I think you were extra confused because damn happens to be your favorite curse word.)

There were a bunch more and for everything daddy or I thought of, you had the most logical answer as to why you couldn’t live there. Your little mind amazes me every day, every time we play

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Tru Haiku: Lilu

Posted by Kim on Friday Jan 13, 2012 Under Tru Haiku

Lilu, I love you
Tickle my feet, make me laugh
My forever friend

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New Year’s Spirit

Posted by Kim on Friday Jan 6, 2012 Under Tru Moments

I’m not making New Year’s resolutions. They are misleading and destructive. As a reflective person, I prefer to find what’s all good in my life and be sure to keep it that way. To Cheer for all the wonder around me. To hold on to everything I love.

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