Welcome Home Luna!

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012 Under First

She’s as sweet as ever. We love her!

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Tuesday, 6:50 PM – Siesta

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No Place Like Home

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Feb 22, 2012 Under Photoetry

Our weekends are very typical. We wake up and smile at each other. We laugh and tickle and laugh and tickle. Then we get out of bed and move into the house. Robe on. Fresh diaper. Shades pulled.

Our weekends are very predictable. A cup of coffee. A cup of juice. Some sausage dipped in mustard and a piece of fruit. Start a load of clothes, maybe a load of dishes too. Then off to find our clothes.

This may sound very ordinary to most. We probably have no plans to go anywhere. Nothing new or exciting going on, but…oh, how splendid!
Every smile. Every giggle. Pure joy.

Every game. Every moment. Pure fun.

Running in the sun. Feeling a cool breeze. Pure beauty.

Our weekends are very magical. There’s no place like home…with you!

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What I’ve Been Up to Lately…

Posted by Kim on Sunday Feb 5, 2012 Under A Few of My Favorite Things...

Chatting with Lilu



Playdate with Red

Kisses with Red

As always…fun!

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