My Account

Posted by Kim on Thursday Jun 22, 2017 Under Tru Soundtrack

As corny as it sounds, every morning I wake up and say “Thank you.”

Yep. Thank you for another day. Another deposit into my life account.

An account that gets richer by the moment. A wealth of memories.

Accumulating interest in the form of complete and total joy.

Like a thief, I’m hacking life. Cashing in on smiles and giggles.

A miser hoarding hugs and kisses.

Every day is payday.

And each night before I drift off to sleep, “Thank you.”

I love you too much.

Song: Alive, Graeme James



2 Responses to “My Account”

  1. grandma in va. Says:

    how beautiful and sweet can it get???this is so my boy Tru , always playing , smiling , havin a FUN day, I love you Tru more than the air in our world

  2. Beckie Says:

    Priceless!!! ??

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