I’m Your Biggest Fan

Posted by Kim on Monday Jun 25, 2012 Under First

British Soccer Camp…OMG!  You had the best fun ever.  In your entire life!  And me, a soccer mom?  I never would have imagined!  But there I sat on that field every day and didn’t want to be anywhere else.  Eyes glued on you.  Watching you learn.  Watching you play.  Watching you make friends.  Watching you be the big boy you’ve grown into…way too fast!  The boy that teaches me more than I will ever teach him.  You were determined.  You were respectful.  You were amazing.  And I sat in that chair and felt so proud.  I’ve been to many fields and watched many games, but never, ever have I watched as a mom.  I’m your biggest fan!!  There are quite a few photos that follow and they are just some of my favorites.  I honestly wanted to post them all.  The whole week’s worth, but I can’t do that.  Something about bandwidth or what not. Anywho, here are highlights…

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