Yummy in my Tummy

Posted by Kim on Sunday Jan 31, 2010 Under Uncategorized

Well, my attempts at making baby food have paid off.  It is so much easier than I would have ever expected and Tru seems to like it better than store bought food.  The vivid colors alone make you want to take a bite.  I sampled it myself and it’s pretty darn good.  He’s not always crazy about being spoon fed, so I have found that freezing it creates yummy popsicles…and a nice mess too!  He also likes drinking from a glass, so if I add more water it makes a tasty drink.  My recipes include: strawberry/banana, pineapple/cantaloupe, strawberry/blueberry/raspberry, carrots, and strawberry/pear.  We’re exploring our options and having a delicious time!

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Waz up!

Posted by Kim on Saturday Jan 23, 2010 Under Uncategorized

O.k.  This is my first attempt at blogging.  About 9 months ago this little guy came along.  Every day since then has been like a little story.  I started collecting thoughts in a notebook, snapping pictures of everything, telling people this and that, all in an attempt to engrave these memories into my mind.  Well, after many sticky notes on the journal of reminders of entries to be written and many far and few between pictures…I decided to give the blog idea a go and see if I stick to it.  I mean, seriously, look at Tru…how could I not write about him, I ask you?  In one simple day, my life totally changed. I don’t even know quite how to say it, but for the strangest reason I can’t even remember not having Tru, can’t remember the house without him in it.  It feels like he’s always been with me…just one day he finally had a name and face.  Hey guys!  Here I am!

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