Your Room – A Work in Progress

Posted by Kim on Saturday Feb 26, 2011 Under Tru Style

Your room is turning into a reflection of you.  I never did much to your room.  You were in our room and I really wanted to know you first.  Know what you liked.  Know what excited you.  Only then would I have a direction.  You would be my guide.  I didn’t want to just buy random things that I liked.  It wasn’t for me.  It’s your very own space in our house and you are surely not random.  As you grow and change it has evolved…revealing more and more of your personality.  Looking more and more like it belongs to you.

The very first thing I bought for you when I was pregnant.  I waited until I knew you were a boy.

From Grandma…you love planes.

We spend lots of time writing and drawing on the your furniture.

You saw this in the store and couldn’t quit playing with it.  You love making an elephant sound and you’re very good at it too and you love to make those bells ring.

Your bedding is for a twin bed…but you love playing on this big giant bed too much to get rid of it just yet.

Blue Bear…well, he’s your buddy.

There is no theme.  You’re much to complex for that.

Your room is a fun, interesting place…just like you!

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  1. grandma Says:

    what a special room for a special boy, love you TRU so much.

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