Tru Style: Japanese Monkey Pants

Posted by Kim on Sunday Jul 11, 2010 Under Tru Style

I knew with a name like that, Tru had to have a pair. After all, he is my monkey boy!

I thought they were silly too. I ordered a pair out of curiosity. And behold! The most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve bought for Tru yet. The huge bottom allows for big diapers and lots of mobility…especially important when bending down to pick up sticks!

And now he smiles coming and going!

3 Responses to “Tru Style: Japanese Monkey Pants”

  1. Ted Jennings, Jr. Says:

    They’re cool…. that boy is a trip! Less than two weeks!!

  2. janice jennings Says:

    one more precious day in TRUs outside fun, what sweet monkey pants. love you all,

  3. beckie Says:

    the pants are too cute!!!

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