You turned 2 today and we filled your afternoon with the things you love most of all.  I can’t help but realize that in your 2 little years of existence you’ve managed to teach me 2 really BIG life lessons.

1.  You know what you like and you are happy with what you have.

You love trucks sooooo…a big truck for a big boy!

Wow…even a tractor!

2.  All those material things – you can take it or leave it.  You find real pleasure in the simplest of things, especially if it involves the people you love.




Chocolate ice cream!  (You rubbed your finger through it as soon as you saw it.)

You turned 2 today.  In your 2 short years you’ve been consistently laughing.  You’ve figured out what most adults never do…true happiness.

You turned 2 today and you are wise beyond your years.

You turned 2 today and you’re the best little teacher I know.

You turned 2 today and I love you too much!

Happy Birthday!

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  1. grandma Says:

    a VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY for a VERY SPECIAL BOY,i love your truck and bathing suit , i know you will enjoy the you TRU

  2. grandma Says:

    what big bubbles, balloons are fun.

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