Fun, fun, fun at Bark Park. Lilu makes friends fast!

Stuffing my mouth full of Daddy’s homemade french fries. YUM!

Puzzle time at my new desk. Cool find!

Funny story…one afternoon we stopped at a local antique shop and looked around. The next day I kept thinking about this desk so, I went back to get it for you. When I picked you up I told you I had gotten that little desk for you and you immediately replied, “Thanks, mama.” I told you we’d put it in your room as soon as we got home and you got excited and said, “That makes me so happy!” You are such a friendly 2 year old! I swear, I love you to pieces!!

Video training Lilu to sit coming soon…

3 Responses to “What I’ve Been Up to Lately…That Makes Me So Happy!”

  1. grandma Says:

    what a joy to look at your pictures and see what you are up to. i love your are such a sweet and kind little boy.i really like your new coat.i know you enjoy going to the dog park know you love lilu
    I LOVE YOU. HAVE A VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING ,love to dad and mama

  2. Ted Jennings, Jr. Says:

    I like Tru’s desk. Lilu sure has grown. I hope ya’ll have a safe and very happy Thanksgiving. We love ya’ll!


  3. Norma Jean Says:

    What a great desk. I know dog park is fun. Your “baby” aka “puppy” is the biggest one there. I love your posts and pics. Takes me back to when Kimberley was young. Love

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