We’ve been doing the touristy Broadway-thing several weekends here lately. The crowd has passed, the air has cooled. AND local discounts, free teacher admission and children under 2 free…why not?

First stop – the upside-down house. (rip-off!)

Second stop – playground!

Yeah…strapped in so tight you couldn’t move and you wanted off after 15 seconds. Damn lady.

Break in between…painted your very first car.

Well, nothing with you is ever complete until the toes get in on it!

Third stop – the aquarium. (always a safe bet!)

A little trip down memory lane…the aquarium a year ago!

Next stop – Bark Park (more to come)

2 Responses to “Broadway, Broadway, Broadway…and a little painting in between”

  1. grandma Says:

    how you have grown in that year,still so very precious. love you bunches/

  2. grandma Says:

    i could look at him all day, so precious, love you big boy

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