Tru Haiku: July 5th

Posted by Kim on Sunday Jul 14, 2013 Under Tru Haiku

**This actually was on July 5th, but I had a glitch uploading photos. I just got it all sorted out.

Can not get enough

Dancing in my underwear

Happy July 5th!!







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Tru Haiku: July 4th

Posted by Kim on Saturday Jul 6, 2013 Under First, Tru Haiku

Firecracker time

Peel paper, stuff, light, spark, run

Wow, a pretty boom

(This was your first time setting off fireworks and you gave me the 101 on how to…you actually said, “run like pooh pooh.”  I felt your description, “a pretty boom” was most accurate.)

1. Peel paper


2. Stuff


3. Light and wait for the spark


4. Run!





Yeah, we kinda smoked up Windy Hill just a bit.



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Tru Haiku: Swinging in the Sky

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Sep 25, 2012 Under Tru Haiku

Sage took us para-sailing today. We saw large schools of fish and a huge sea turtle while flying. I was being a chicken, but you calmed me down reminding me that I was buckled in and there was nothing to be afraid of.

Toes dangling free

Sea turtle plays peek-a-boo

High five in the sky

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Tru Haiku: Lilu

Posted by Kim on Friday Jan 13, 2012 Under Tru Haiku

Lilu, I love you
Tickle my feet, make me laugh
My forever friend

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Santa Haiku: Ho, Ho, Ho

Posted by Kim on Monday Dec 26, 2011 Under Tru Haiku

Quick inventory
Rip paper, give box a hug
Onto the next gift

Merry Christmas sweet boy!

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Tru Haiku: XL

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Jul 26, 2011 Under Tru Haiku

Daddy’s XL shirt

This day I’m not quite that big

Too soon I will be

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Tru Haiku: Rain

Posted by Kim on Saturday May 21, 2011 Under Tru Haiku

Afternoon shower

Out we go, let’s celebrate

Singing in the rain!

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Tru Haiku: Puzzle

Posted by Kim on Thursday May 5, 2011 Under Tru Haiku

Puzzle on the porch

Wind is right, sun shining bright

Perfect way to think

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Tru Haiku: Balloons

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Feb 22, 2011 Under Tru Haiku

Floating rainbow floor

Grasp and try to catch the fun

Happy spheres for Tru

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First: Hair Cut

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Nov 23, 2010 Under First, Tru Haiku

One minute you’re a baby and then with the swift sweep of the razor…poof…you’re a little boy.

(These two pics were taken the same exact day.  Just a few hours apart.)

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