Tru Haiku: Swinging in the Sky

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Sep 25, 2012 Under Tru Haiku

Sage took us para-sailing today. We saw large schools of fish and a huge sea turtle while flying. I was being a chicken, but you calmed me down reminding me that I was buckled in and there was nothing to be afraid of.

Toes dangling free

Sea turtle plays peek-a-boo

High five in the sky

2 Responses to “Tru Haiku: Swinging in the Sky”

  1. ted jr Says:

    Wish I could’ve been there!! It looks like ya’ll had a great time. Tell Tru Uncle Ted Jr and Aunt Tricia said hi and give him our love.

    We love and miss ya’ll.

  2. grandma Says:

    i guess TRU is a TRUE BEACH BOY, he is up to anything at the ocean, soooo sweet and a precious boy. love you all, hugs and kisses to TRU<3

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