First: Hair Cut

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Nov 23, 2010 Under First, Tru Haiku

One minute you’re a baby and then with the swift sweep of the razor…poof…you’re a little boy.

(These two pics were taken the same exact day.  Just a few hours apart.)

Those delicate blonde curls that seemed to take so long to grow – gone.  They’ve been growing for over a year now…just like you.  I got used to their twists and turns.  Got used to pushing it from your eyes.  Got used to the frazzled bed head.  I got used to sliding it through my fingers.  I felt I knew each strand.  Loved each one.

Those soft little curls bleached from the sun.  A reminder of our summer trips to the beach.  Those days when we did nothing but whatever you wanted.  I wasn’t a teacher…just your mom.  Ahhhhh.  How I miss those days.  And now…I miss those curls.  But, we have new days ahead.

We have new memories to create, my little man.

2 Responses to “First: Hair Cut”

  1. grandma Says:

    when i see your sweet smile it makes my day, you are so beautiful, all my love, grandma in VA.

  2. Norma Jean Says:

    Wow. Those few hours – not to mention the clippers – certainly made a difference. Really cute. Reminds me a lot of you.

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