The Wonderful Happens

Posted by Kim on Saturday Mar 5, 2011 Under Photoetry

One summer long ago

I worked at a beach,

a wonderful beach.

I moved, got a job, and the wonderful happened:

I met your dad.

In a little white house

lived a couple,

a wonderful couple.

It was me and Grant,

my belly grew,

and the wonderful happened:  you!

The wonderful happens every day:

sun shines, bushes grow, and shady spots are found.

People take walks,

planes fly across a blue sky,

and gentle breezes blow.

There’s wagons to push,

there’s bags to carry,

and recycling boxes get full.

The wonderful happens all around.  The wonderful can easily be found.

But you happened like sun, like bushes, like wagons.

The wonderful happens and the best of all, and the most wonderful of all is you!


Inspired by Cynthia Rylant’s, The Wonderful Happens





2 Responses to “The Wonderful Happens”

  1. grandma Says:

    what a very precious little boy and great helper, love you so much Tru, miss you, my how you have grown. hugs and kisses, grandma jjj

  2. Ted Jennings, Jr. Says:

    That’s real good Knothead! We love you!

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