Heaven in My Heart

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Oct 21, 2015 Under Photoetry

Getting to spend my days with you
is like finding tiny treasures along the shore.


Each little moment is something rare and beautiful.
I tuck them into my heart forever.



My heart is full and plump.
Bulging with pure love.
All the wrongs, made right.
All the shame, washed away.


With you, I have peace.
Soaring, tranquil peace.
Light as a feather


With you, I have grace.
Simple, elegant grace.
Fluid as a dancer


With you, I have joy.
Unabashed, blissful joy.
Bright as a flower


It is having everything I could ever want
all wrapped up in a single little smile.

It is when needs and wants are simple things now
like sitting next to you and watching you play your games
or talking with you about your favorite Star Wars character.

It is laying next to you as you drift off to sleep.

It is simply knowing you
listening to you
watching you
being with you.

With you, I have heaven in my heart.


I love you too much!

2 Responses to “Heaven in My Heart”

  1. Beckie Crowell Says:

    That’s sweet. He is going to enjoy all this later in life!!! Love y’all.

  2. grandma in va. Says:

    I love seeing my Tru at the beach, he loves the simple happy times , he is a real joy to spend time with , i wish i could spend lots of days with him, love to you my sweet boy

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