A New Era

Posted by Kim on Sunday Jan 25, 2015 Under Tru Moments

You don’t know about Saturday morning cartoons. That era is over. But for me, my childhood revolved around it. I couldn’t wait for Saturday mornings. I’d wake up early and have myself a nice bowl of Cocoa Puffs while I watched Bugs Bunny. And The Jetsons. And The Flintstones. And Scooby Doo. Oh, this time was sacred for me. These characters were my buddies. My pals. These mornings were glorious. Now they are no more. But the beauty of it all…we’ve created our own Saturday morning magnificence. It’s a new era. It’s our own show. We battle. We defend. We conquer.




Oh wait…it’s just Tru.


And snacks are a little different too. Yogurt anyone any dog?



(Notice one dog above, one dog below. Hey Luna!)

Yeah. Saturday mornings are definitely different. But they are every bit magnificent!

I love you too much!

3 Responses to “A New Era”

  1. Cindy Stone Says:

    This is great Kimberly! I so know what you are talking about!

  2. Beckie Crowell Says:

    Saturday morning were the best for nothing!!!!

  3. grandma in va. Says:

    you all have toooo much fun all the time ,Tru is growing tooooo fast miss seeing him and you all so much, love you all

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