My Lucky Charm, Yo

Posted by Kim on Sunday Mar 15, 2015 Under Photoetry



You bring glorious golden luck into my days.




Before you, it was all good.

I had your Daddy.

We were happy.

We laughed a lot.

Life was pretty much a bed o roses.

But since you.

Since you, we’re sliding down rainbows into pots of gold among fields of 4 leaf clovers.



Every day I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

Yeah, I have bad days.

Days when I leave work feeling defeated.

Days when I feel like I didn’t accomplish much of anything.

Days when I feel like I can’t do anything right.


But then I look into your soft eyes.

I hear your little voice.

I tousle your silky hair.

And everything melts away.


I no longer remember what I was worrying about.

My step is lighter and my mind calms.

We play.

We sing and dance.

And we laugh a lot more.




What luck I have!

I got your Daddy.

I got you.

I got everything!

I love you too much!

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Love is…

Posted by Kim on Saturday Feb 14, 2015 Under Photoetry


Love is many things, but since having you it’s become much clearer to me.

More focused, yet all-encompassing.

More intense, yet fragile.

More intentional, yet serendipitous.


Love is…




a lazy Saturday morning serenade. You make up songs as you go. Singing freely.

Love is…





running around the backyard with the puppy dogs. There’s nothing better than seeing their tails wag at the sight of us. Or how they rub up against us when we are together and lean into us with their soft, strong bodies to show affection, nearly knocking us over.

Puppy hugs.

Love is…






jumping on the trampoline on a cold and cloudy day. With a sword, no doubt. The imagination hard at work. Creating scenarios. Narrating as you go.

Love is…






jumping on the trampoline on a warm and sunny day. Making faces the whole time. Seeing how silly you can be. Just raw fun.


Love is small moments of surprises that whisper to us during the day. Those moments we discover as we make our way along. Doing all the things we ordinarily do.

It’s the moment I stop and look at you when you are talking, because nothing else matters more than what you are saying to me.

It’s the moment I pause while unloading the dishwasher to watch how crazy fast you can run into the living room.

It’s the moment when we are playing and you say something funny and we both crack up laughing out loud.

It’s the moment when you jump into bed, lay down flat and I flap the blanket over you. You giggle and say, “Again!” again and again until my arms are tired.

It’s the moment I look in my rear view mirror and see you engrossed in deep conversation, because we don’t turn on the radio. We talk to each other.

I could go on and on. We are overflowing with moments.

Gorgeous moments.

Beautiful moments.

I’m so grateful for each of them. For these moments make our life joyful.


Love is tender.

Love is fierce.

Love is a boy named Tru.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love you too much!!

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My One + Another One = 11

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Feb 4, 2015 Under Uncategorized


Your Daddy and I have been married 11 years, but he’s been my best friend for 25.

Okay. To be honest, I forgot it was our anniversary until I read it on Facebook thanks to a post. I am not one for dates. I don’t remember them and I don’t think of them. One day just goes into the next and they are all special to me. One day in my life does not hold any more significance to me than any other day that I’m breathing. I count each one a blessing, especially with my boys.

11 years.


I’m one. He’s one. And together we’re two ones…11.


He’s my other one.

And I’m so glad he is.


We are in sync with one another, side by side.


In all of our years together we’ve created so much. So much together. So much we share.

One love.

One friend.

One joy.

One life.

One comfort.

One hope.

One tenderness.

One pleasure.

One adventure.

One heart.

One son.

Equals 11 years of bliss.


I love you both too much!


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SUNday SON day

Posted by Kim on Monday Jan 26, 2015 Under Tru Moments

It’s bright. It’s gorgeous.

It’s Sunday with my son day.








Off he goes.


But he came back.


Bounce. Bounce.



Toilet paper, Lilu?

“It wasn’t me.” she said. (Someone is jealous.)






They won!

I’t s all good.



It’s bright. It’s gorgeous.

It’s Sunday with my son day.

I love you too much!


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A New Era

Posted by Kim on Sunday Jan 25, 2015 Under Tru Moments

You don’t know about Saturday morning cartoons. That era is over. But for me, my childhood revolved around it. I couldn’t wait for Saturday mornings. I’d wake up early and have myself a nice bowl of Cocoa Puffs while I watched Bugs Bunny. And The Jetsons. And The Flintstones. And Scooby Doo. Oh, this time was sacred for me. These characters were my buddies. My pals. These mornings were glorious. Now they are no more. But the beauty of it all…we’ve created our own Saturday morning magnificence. It’s a new era. It’s our own show. We battle. We defend. We conquer.




Oh wait…it’s just Tru.


And snacks are a little different too. Yogurt anyone any dog?



(Notice one dog above, one dog below. Hey Luna!)

Yeah. Saturday mornings are definitely different. But they are every bit magnificent!

I love you too much!

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The Tipping Point

Posted by Kim on Saturday Jan 10, 2015 Under Photoetry

Things don’t have to be at 100% to be happy. There’s something called the tipping point which claims that if you can have just 51% positive thoughts, than you can have a wonderful life. I feel fairly confident that we stay beyond the tipping point most days. Easily.


There’s been a lot of bumps in my life along the way, but nothing compares to being a parent. It’s the greatest thing ever, but also the hardest. I used to just think of myself, but now it’s all about you. If things didn’t work out, it was okay because the only person at risk was me. Now, your life is involved. My joys now are the sweetest gifts of my life, but my mistakes now leave the deepest wounds. Every day is a quest to make it the best day possible for you, but I am so far from perfect. I often fall short. Most of the time I can’t make decisions for worrying, which is right? Which is best? Which will work? People stand in judgement and I know this, so I fret even more. I start thinking about things that really don’t apply to the problem at hand. Your daddy, on the other hand, sees everything crystal clear. So easily. How does he do that???? I’m in awe of him. A straight shooter, he hits the target every time. He zooms in on what matters and sticks to the point.


(This is how I see things)

I promise you this: I will find my focus.

In trying to put you first and keep your best interest at heart, I get so overwhelmed. I try to handle things the way I think best and end up making a mess of it all. I end up feeling like a failure to you. So, I bounce around in this web of confusion. I try to handle life calmly. I think to myself, in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not a big deal. Little things. Learn and grow.

I promise you this: I will not second guess myself.

Everything happens for a reason. My path led me here. With you. And I believe I have the chance to create beautiful memories for you. That’s my gift and my purpose. I’m looking for quiet. I just want you to smile and be comfortable. I just want you to be happy. I just want to be here with you and for you. Every day.

I promise you this: I will take a deep breath and calm my mind!

I love you too much.


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Boom, Boom, Shaka laka laka, Boom

Posted by Kim on Sunday Jan 4, 2015 Under Tru Moments


Sometimes things are just a bit freaky. I have to stop, in awe of you, and wonder just what is happening.

I feel like I’m putting the pieces together of an elaborate puzzle that I will never finish, but the thrill of it keeps me going.

Back story:  

When you were 2 years old I bought you Jenga. We played, and still play, all the time. You love it! But you never, ever called it Jenga. You always called it Jenga Boom! That’s just what you said. Every time. “Mama, let’s play Jenga Boom.”

Fast forward:

Imagine my surprise when I was walking the aisles at Target this past December looking for Christmas gifts and saw this. Jenga Boom!

Whoomp! (There it is)

I stopped in my tracks. I literally thought I was seeing things. I read the box at least 3 times. Picked it up and looked even closer. I had the craziest feeling that I still can’t explain, but I knew I had to buy it. I mean, I think you created it. Somehow the universe is eavesdropping on our lives and getting ideas. Somehow your thoughts and creativity are strangely becoming a reality!

You make up lots of stuff. All the time. I’m starting to get a little nervous!!

I love you too much!

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Our Own Language

Posted by Kim on Thursday Jan 1, 2015 Under Photoetry

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.

-T.S. Eliot

Our house New Year’s Eve 2014…



Our house has a new breath.

That speaks new words.

Creates a new language.

Is alive with your voice.


The synergy of it all – works.

Harmony flows.

Imperfections reign.

Mistakes happen.

Gratitude guides.

Joy prevails.


You make silly monsters.

I make hot chocolate.

This is how we roll.

This is the language of our love.

I love you too much!

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Love, Tru

Posted by Kim on Friday Dec 26, 2014 Under Tru Moments


Life with you is like lessons of the heart. You’re a wise old soul.

Seeing life.

Understanding life.

Appreciating life.

You’ve a tender heart. Full of compassion.

You’ve much confidence, but oh so humble.

When I asked you if you knew that Christmas wasn’t just about getting gifts, you answered me as if I were crazy.  “I know that mama! It’s about giving to others.”

Your life is your message. Little heartfelt messages.




Your messages whisper to me every day…

While putting away the wrapping paper, you got an idea. Wrap each other! And bust out within 30 seconds. Game on.

I wrap you.


You wrap me.


We wasted a lot of paper and a lot of tape, but we scored a bunch of laughs!

Embrace moments. Look for fun.



We took the bongos to Grammy’s and Poppy’s thinking one of the musicians in the family would know how to play. Instead you played as serious as could be because baby Layla loved the sound and wanted to dance.




You found your rhythm and we had a dance party.

When you bring joy to others, you find joy yourself.



Everyone was playing with Layla’s poppity pop. You wanted to join in, but were reluctant. After all, it wasn’t your gift. You waited for an invitation.


You didn’t care what age the toy was for, you just wanted to join in.

Take any opportunity to have a good time and join the fun.



Poppy hands out cards each year to everyone with a gift inside. You let Poppy sit in his chair and you had the best fun giving out the cards for him.



You ran around with cards in hand and delivered with a great big smile!

Take pleasure in helping others.



You hit the dessert table in the kitchen for a snack.



Take time to stop and eat the brownies!



You found a quiet spot to open your envelope from Grammy and Poppy. You studied each bill carefully.



Then you ran and thanked Poppy.

Always be appreciative of what you get from others.



Presents all around the tree. You don’t know where to begin.


The only thing you had told me you wanted was a…





A game you love to play that you hadn’t thought to ask for…




You always take time to hug.

Even the boxes! It’s just what you always do.





You are just so happy. Pure joy.

It’s not the gift that matters. It’s the thought.



You want to play games together. You love togetherness. You want everyone to join in and be included.





Pause: snack






More than all the toys, you love being together.

The best gift of all is time spent together.



Later that evening as I wrote in my journal before bed, you took yours that lays on your desk and went into the bathroom. You came out smiling from ear to ear and laid this in front of me:


Mom you are the best mom in the world and I love you.

I love you. You’re welcome.

This made me cry. Really cry. Which made you cry. There we were. Sitting in the bed laughing and crying together.

Two hearts utterly immersed in love.

Tender hearts fully connected.

Experiencing nothing but the love of one another.

You, my Tru, are the best gift of all. Hands Hearts down.

I love you too much!




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Tru Blessings

Posted by Kim on Sunday Dec 21, 2014 Under Photoetry


We went to Night of a Thousand Candles at Brookgreen Gardens.

It might as well be called Life of a Thousand Blesings because I was counting mine.


It was as if the past 5 years were captured and living in those candles.

Each candle necessary. Each candle a vital part along the way.

If my thoughts and feelings could be personified, I imagine it would look like this.


I felt like someone had taken my joy and strung it from the trees. There it was twinkling everywhere.

I felt like I was walking the paths through my own heart. Soft steps to new discoveries.

This was a dream, wide awake. My reverie.


(That was foam…so much fun!)

For each candle there is a blessing lit and burning. Glowing softly. Warming gently. Creating energy. Reminding me where I am. Who I have become.

For each candle there is a shadow. A darkness behind. Mistakes made. Lessons learned. Pain endured. Reminding me how far I’ve come. Who I was.

For each candle a blessing is revealed. Each blessing celebrated.

The smiles between us in all we do. The snuggles each night reading a book. The sleepy mornings with your head on my shoulder. The playfulness you bring to everything. The trust we’ve created together.

You led the way through this garden of candles with your hot chocolate in your little gloved hands. Soft Christmas music playing in the background. We followed you. Proud of you. Enjoying you. Hearts full.



That’s how my life has been since you.



That’s how my life has looked since you.



That’s how my life has felt since you.


My blessings grow more each day. More candles to display. Life burning brighter. Life growing warmer. Paths stretching longer.

You are a thousand blessings and I count every one.

I love you too much!




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