Nature and Breathing

Posted by Kim on Saturday Sep 27, 2014 Under Photoetry

***Tru took the pics of our visit to Vereen Gardens AND his words are laced throughout this post. His thoughts and feelings about nature.

Nature and breathing.

They go hand in hand.


Leads us to the nowhere.

And to everywhere.

It takes us around to see beautiful things.




To be so free.

Unleashed and pure.

To live simply.


It’s imperfect.

It’s weird.

Yet the greatest artwork ever created.

A perfect masterpiece.


I need it.

It makes us more loveful.


It makes us more smileful.


It makes us more heartful.


Without it there’d be no life.

So go there.

And get lost in it.


Go there and come alive.

I love you too much.






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Saturday, 7:20 PM – Rainbow on the Beach

Posted by Kim on Saturday Sep 20, 2014 Under Tru Moments

The moment.

Driving home from Grammy and Poppy’s house along the boulevard and I spot a rainbow. Daddy goes to turn on our street and I say, “No! Go to the beach access.” He hesitates and I point straight ahead.



We’re like, “Look at the rainbow! Isn’t it gorgeous!”

(It was really glowing. Almost neon. The pic doesn’t do it justice!)

And then you’re like, “Let’s go on the beach!”

We run onto the sand and then we look south and we’re like, “Whoa. Look at the sky!”


And then you’re all like, “I’m getting in the water!”

And so you did.

Clothes and all.

The end.

I love you too much!


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A Fire Like Never Before

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This is one of those posts that has been blowing through my head for 5 years. A spark of an idea, but no direction to go with it. It’s just a burning feeling that swells up and I want to get it out, but nothing. It simmers down before I can make any real sense of it. This has been a reoccurring phenomenon since you were born. I’m wrestling it today. I’m gonna bring it to fruition even if it’s the worst piece of writing I’ve ever written. Here we go.

There’s a story you like for me to tell you again and again. “Tell me about when I was born mama.” This usually happens as we are driving down highway 31. Past the crispy looking trees and foliage that are now growing more dense. You know the connection.

It was the end of April 2009. You were due any day and North Myrtle Beach was on fire. A fire like never before. It burned through neighborhoods and jumped highways. It was burning up everything in it’s path. People were fleeing their homes for safety.

Our world was smothered in a big cloud of smoke. It was hard to breathe outside without a little coughing and ashes were swirling around in the air like black snowflakes. The forest burned. What once was full of trees, was now bare.




A midst all of this, we fled our home to go to Loris Hospital. As I wait to meet you, the world outside is ablaze. Little did I know, my own world was about to ignite. My heart was about to be turned on and fueled like never before. Just like the forest that is now growing more full, so is my heart. There’s new energy. A new landscape. And new love. A fire rejuvenated the forest while a boy rejuvenated my life.




Thank you for adding the spark every day to my life and to my heart.

I love you too much!


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Posted by Kim on Sunday Aug 31, 2014 Under Tru Haiku

Trying to vacuum

Crazy dogs think it’s playtime

Laugh and dance and clean

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My Heroes: First Day of Kindergarten

Posted by Kim on Saturday Aug 23, 2014 Under First


School. My home away from home.

The one place I know well. The place I go every day and even when I’m not there, it’s on my mind. It’s just a part of who I am.

As excited as I am for you, you would think I’d be completely comfortable with you starting school. But as I walk down the familiar hall and greet my teacher friends, I strangely feel like I’m in a foreign land. Nervous, anxious, excited, scared, and confused. My stomach turns for you. My palms sweat for you. And my mind races. I’m sure you feel the same, but you go right on in and do exactly what you’re told without batting an eye. Later, I see you walking out to recess and you smile the biggest smile and wave your little hand excitedly.  A sense of relief floods over me and I’m so incredibly proud of you. On my way to lunch I see you in the computer lab helping the child sitting next to you. You have gone from one extreme to the other. From playing all day with Daddy and Poppy to working in a room full of strangers.

Your teachers, Mrs. DuBose and Mrs. Hobson are angels. All you’ve ever known is the love and comfort of family. Yet, somehow they have slipped right in under the radar. They very quickly changed your little world and you love them. You love school and I could cry. I’m sure it’s just another day at work for them. Another first day in kindergarten. Just doing what they always do. Not realizing the impact they have made to one little boy and one mama. I’m far beyond grateful. They are my new heroes.


(Seconds after pulling out of the school parking lot to go home after school.)

You’ve had a very FULL day.

I have a very FULL heart.

I love you too much!

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The Night Before Kindergarten

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Aug 19, 2014 Under First

The night before Kindergarten and I should be asleep, but instead I think. I think of the baby boy who softly changed my world.


The baby boy who has brought more laughter in 5 years than I’ve experienced in all of mine.




I think of the baby boy whose gentle nature has taught me to feel more compassion. More joy.







The baby boy with sparkling eyes that make every moment new and sweet.



I think of the baby boy that I have wrapped my heart around and now into the world he goes.


No longer a baby boy, but a big boy.

He goes worthy of love and belonging. A big boy ready and strong.

He goes on his own.

I love you too much!



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Tru Haiku: Rainbow

Posted by Kim on Thursday Jul 24, 2014 Under Tru Haiku

Rainbow of mine arched

above, brighter and brighter

our island of peace






(That’s you and I way down the beach. Looks like the rainbow is coming out of our head.)



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A Boat Ride: The Struggle’s Real Y’all

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Jul 22, 2014 Under Uncategorized

Going for a boat ride can be a bit tricky. You love, love, love the island. You love anywhere we stop to explore, but you are not fond of the ride to get there. You are active. Engaged in life. Enveloped in all you do. So, to just ride…hmmm.


Lilu, on the other hand, loves every second of the outing.



You and her sit at the front of the boat and tell Daddy to go fast.


You eat crackers.



You make faces and laugh to pass the time. How silly can you get?






And for just a second, you dangle your feet off the front with Daddy. I think the fact that it scares me to death and it’s against the law, makes you like it all the better.


You check out the shrimp boat with it’s birds in delight.


If we still aren’t there, after all of that…


Finally, the moment has arrived. What you love to do most of all.




And then, after lots of jumping, the ride back. The process starts all over again.









No matter what, you have a knack for finding fun.

I love you too much!

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Tru Moments: A First for Firsts

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Jul 8, 2014 Under First, Tru Moments

A great trip has the perfect combination of new mixed with familiarity.

We rolled into Virginia, the hills that is. Going to visit Grandma. (You love her stairs!)


This time in the summer. The first time was in the winter.

This Virginia was entirely different.

This Virginia was bright and polished. Heavy with heat.

You visited Ella Grace and Addy’s house for the first time.


You swam and dove off a diving board for the first time.


You searched the cabinets for snacks for a picnic in the playhouse. Shot water guns from the fort. Crafted swords from wrapping paper tubes. And participated in a dance contest to the song, “Happy”. (Which conveniently sums up our visit to their house in one word.)



We had a good ole family pool party. You swam and clowned around with Bryce.




I chatted with the new beautiful Baby Ella.


This Virginia was alive and lush. Surrounding us in green.

You trapped your first frog on Grandma’s porch. They were our summertime carolers outside the screen door. Singing of lazy days and warm nights.


You swam with your first snake in the pool. (You later told me, “There’s a lot of creatures at Grandma’s house.”)


You even drove your first tractor with Uncle Ted.


This Virginia was full of surprises. Some delightful. Some scary. But all for you.

This Virginia was my original home. This is where I grew up until one day somewhere else tugged on my heart.

That would be South Carolina.

From mountains to beach. From home to home.

Where will your heart take you?


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Tru Moments: Playmate/Lifeguard

Posted by Kim on Thursday Jun 19, 2014 Under Tru Moments


You are the best playmate ever. You look around the world and make everything an experience. Never bored.


The beach is our playground.


Bobbing in waves, you tell me, “I can’t resist the water!”

Well, I can’t resist you. Your energy is healing. Your laughter, contagious. In all of our silliness, you have no idea you are rescuing me. Saving me every day. Making ordinary, extraordinary. Making simple, exhilarating. Making moments, eloquent. Making life, memorable.








We visit these magical waters and we can’t resist their spell. But they are not our home. They belong to others. And while we are entertained, we are only guests.



Honor its beauty. Marvel at its mystery. Love it as a neighbor.


We’ll visit another day and play.

I love you too much!



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