1st in 1st

Posted by Kim on Thursday Aug 20, 2015 Under First


Firsts are scary.

The unknown makes you anxious.

You wonder. Ask a million questions til you can’t think of anymore.


Like a secret being whispered to a friend

It all happens.

It beautifully happens.

You smile.

It cracks through all the worry

It lights up my world.

And you make everything just right.

What a great first day in first grade!!

I love you too much!





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I’m Baaaack!

Posted by Kim on Friday Aug 14, 2015 Under Photoetry


My little trooper.

Very next day.

Right back in.

Ain’t no jellyfish scaring you away.

I love you too much, my brave boy.

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Tru vs. Jellyfish

Posted by Kim on Thursday Aug 13, 2015 Under First, Photoetry

You fought a jellyfish tonight

and lost :(

Out of nowhere it came

Riding the waves

…Sneak attack…

Brushed your tiny fingers

Wrapped around your tender arm

And stung like fire

Daddy, your battle buddy, scooped you up

From old lifeguard days

He went to work tending and mending

Til your tears were gone



I love you too much!


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Thwimming in the Thea

Posted by Kim on Sunday Aug 9, 2015 Under First

Who loses their tooth in the ocean?


This guy!

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GoPro Goes for a Golf Cart Ride

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GoPro Goes to School – Part 2

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GoPro Goes to School – Part 1

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Wonder Who?

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Jul 22, 2015 Under Photoetry


In becoming your mom I became Wonder Woman.

I changed from the inside. It probably happened as you were curled beneath my heart. You rubbed against it and once you were out, it kicked in…

fierce mode!


I got new powers.

New strength.

New abilities.



But I did not get a shield.


The slightest thing happens…

a look, a comment, an accident

and I realize I’m made of tissue paper.


I love you too much!

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Magic Moments

Posted by Kim on Saturday Jul 4, 2015 Under Photoetry

This life.

Summer days with you.

Long and bright and hot hours with you.

Magic moments.


This life.

Home with you.

Pool and beach and office playing with you.

Magic moments.


This life is us.

It is ours.

We charm it with our laughter.


Morning snuggles.

Gaming challenges.

Tickle battles.

Day after day after delightful day.

Our magic moments.





I live for our moments. It gives me breath.

The second I knew there was a you, the magic began.


In an instant I was spellbound.



You snuck into my heart like a little ghost.

I did not see you, but you were there.

Your presence filled me.

Your spirit moved me.

I loved you before I even knew you.

And once we met, I felt like I had known you forever.

Magic moments.






That is all there is.

Magic moments.


I love you too much!



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Posted by Kim on Monday Jun 22, 2015 Under Photoetry

There is nothing that can take place of time with Daddy.

Daddy reigns.



Since you were able to reach, you go to him.

Since you were able to talk, you ask for him.

Since you were able to walk, you run to him.

And I get it. I really do.


He heals your wounds.

He turns your tears to laughter.

He takes any problem and solves it.

He has done the same for me. That is just the nature of his heart.


He spends his time thinking of ways to make your life better.

Ways to make your world bigger.

He makes ordinary, extraordinary.

And you know this. You know he would do anything for you without you even needing to ask.

You two have an unyielding love and bond that is the most beautiful thing in life.

Happy Father’s Day.


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