Been There, Done That

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Jun 7, 2017 Under Tru Moments

Adios second grade!

Here we go again. You would think I would be getting used to this feeling. But, no.

First day:

Last day:

Every school year draws to an end. I look at you and I pause.

I can not believe how much you have grown and changed. How much you have become your very own person.

Every year I think, oh I am just being a little tender and it won’t be so drastic next year. And then…BAM.

I am right back in that same ol’ nostalgic place. No road map needed.

A little corner in my heart that I visit. As vast as the Grand Canyon.

Full of cherished memories. It takes my breath away.

I drink in the moments. Savor the beauty. Feel the enormity of it all.

And then I come back home…to make more memories.

I love you too much!

**A trip down memory lane…


First Grade:

Second Grade:


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First: Fruit Ninja

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Jun 7, 2017 Under First

This is what happens when your dad gets you that katana you have been wanting for your birthday. I am not really sure whether to laugh or cry. I watch and I cringe. I try to laugh and be cool with it because this is so you. And more than anything I want to encourage the truth of you…the one and only Tru.

I love you too much!

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Posted by Kim on Saturday Apr 15, 2017 Under Tru Insights

Hope is like ice cream. If it melts, you failed.

Tru Brown


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I’m Good

Posted by Kim on Friday Apr 14, 2017 Under Tru Soundtrack

I’m good. And that’s perfect.

When did good become not enough?

The world is so busy being busy.

Trying to do more. Be more. Have more.

Well, I think good, is pretty darn amazing.

I could not ask for more.

I have kinda always been good, really.

I feel like it has all intentionally fallen into place. Slowly connecting. Evolving over time. Until it was just right.

Your daddy was my best friend turned husband.

I wanted my Bachelor’s and my Master’s degrees and I got them.

I wanted my National Board Certification, so I got it.

And I really wanted to win the Donald H. Graves Award for Excellence in Teaching Writing and I did.

Then one day I decided I wanted to be your mom. I remember telling your daddy and…here we are.

I say “your” mom because from day one I prayed for you, a boy. I saw you in my mind or in my heart, I don’t know which.

But I knew you. You were very clear to me.

Our souls knew each other. I just needed you in flesh and blood.

And now, I’m good.

Good is swinging with you in the porch swing playing I Spy.

Good is walking with you over to the office in the moonlight and stopping to shoot a basket or look at the night sky.

Good is our daily chats riding to and from school together.

Good is bouncing on the trampoline or squirrel hunting in the front yard.

Good is you.

You are tangible hope.

This guy you have become.

Touching my heart.

You live so pure.

A warrior of love.

Teaching me a thing or two about confidence and purpose.

Keeping me straight on most days.

So strong in who you are. Walking your own path.

Showing up as your one true self. Adding your sense of humor to the ordinary.

Making it all good.

And having a good life is everything.

I love you too much!

Song: I’m Good, The Mowgli’s


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First: Soccer Game

Posted by Kim on Sunday Mar 26, 2017 Under First

“Mama, it’s like the earth wrote on the bottom of my shoes.”

I love you too much.

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2016…Best Days of My Life

Posted by Kim on Monday Jan 9, 2017 Under Tru Moments, Tru Soundtrack

January 2016…Blink…December 2016

Honestly, every year with you is the best year.

You live life with this force of energy that keeps things fresh and new.

You wake with excitement about being alive and bring laughter to all you do.

You make every day the best day of my life.

I love you too much!

Song: Best Day of My Life, American Authors


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Tru Magic

Posted by Kim on Saturday Dec 31, 2016 Under Photoetry, Tru Moments

Ever since that first flicker

I felt deep inside

Before I ever knew you

I was under you spell

You work your magic every day

You live and breath your magic

Fire magic

Enchanting laughter

Charming eyes

Casting good out into this world

Encircling others with your fiery love magic

Every second a kind of hypnotic show.

I can not believe my eyes

But I know my heart.

And I know your heart.

Connected by a single spark

I get to live in this magic.

Moment after magical moment.

I love you too much!


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A Haircut Away

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Dec 20, 2016 Under Tru Moments

That moment when your boy begins using hair product.

One minute…

Then the next…

I love you too much!

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Every Day

Posted by Kim on Saturday Dec 3, 2016 Under Photoetry

Every day you grow bigger.




You grow smarter.



Every day.


Every day the world grows wider.



Every day.

Because of you.


Every day my heart grows fuller.



Every day.

Because of you.

Every single day.

I love you too much!

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Thompson Farm

Posted by Kim on Thursday Nov 3, 2016 Under A Few of My Favorite Things...

Down on the farm.

Thompson Farm that is.

What a day!!

Best field trip ever!










I love you too much!


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