Smash Mouth – All Star

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Nov 25, 2015 Under Tru Soundtrack

Your new favorite song.

“Only shooting stars break the mold.”

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Meet the Author

Posted by Kim on Sunday Nov 22, 2015 Under First

This is such a great read…I can’t put it down!
As a writer, I am excited.
I am excited that you have worked through the process of writing and published your very own book. I am excited at the amount of pride you had when handing this book to me.
As a teacher, I am impressed.
I am impressed with your invented spelling, voice, ideas, and word choice. I am impressed with your willingness to take risks and be creative.
As a mom, I am touched.
I am profoundly touched at the level of joy you share when reflecting on your life and the fact that when memories of your life surfaced as possibilities for your book…thoughts of me are weaved into this text. It means everything to me that you live happiness and see the beauty in moments. This book is proof that you cherish the life you live. It shows what is important to you. I am moved to near tears by what you see as the priorities in your life. I could not ask for anything more.


Me – My name is Tru. I am happy and funny. And I am silly too. I laugh if somebody laughs.

Family – My family lives together. I have a mom and a dad too. (photo – Dad, Tru, Mom)
Food – My favorite food is pizza. It is yummy with pepperoni.

Things I Like – I like to play Minecraft with my mom and dad.
Things I Like – I like to bounce on the trampoline with my mom. (photo – Mom, Dad, Woof, Dog)

Future Plans – Make robots in the future. It sounds good. (photo – Yay, Beep, Bop)

Writing puts our thoughts and our heart on paper. It is a way of sharing and holding our thinking still in that moment of time and it will forever be there.
This writing. Your book. Is your 6 year old mind. What a beautiful place!
I wonder what else is in there.

I love you too much!

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O Kissmas Tree

Posted by Kim on Sunday Nov 22, 2015 Under Tru Moments

We have heard of tree-huggers.
But tree-kissers?


You LOVE picking out the tree. And we get one the day they grace the sidewalks.
You LOVE looking at the tree.
You LOVE studying each ornament.
You always have.
We would spend hours walking around the tree talking about each ornament.
Same stories every day for the month of December.
You wanted to hear them again and again.
Each day, like you were seeing it for the first time.
Each story, like you were hearing it for the first time.
We did this together.

You bring such fun and creativity to the little things we do.
You bring them with love.

I love you too much!

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Barefoot Halloween

Posted by Kim on Saturday Oct 31, 2015 Under Tru Moments

Cat in the Hat on the Dock


Cat in the Hat and the Minion


Cat in the Hat in the Cat


I love you too much!

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Happy Halloween!

Posted by Kim on Saturday Oct 31, 2015 Under Tru Haiku

The Cat in the Hat
Having some fun with Thing 1
Happy Halloween!










Happy Halloween!
I love you too much!

cat in the hat

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Heaven in My Heart

Posted by Kim on Wednesday Oct 21, 2015 Under Photoetry

Getting to spend my days with you
is like finding tiny treasures along the shore.


Each little moment is something rare and beautiful.
I tuck them into my heart forever.



My heart is full and plump.
Bulging with pure love.
All the wrongs, made right.
All the shame, washed away.


With you, I have peace.
Soaring, tranquil peace.
Light as a feather


With you, I have grace.
Simple, elegant grace.
Fluid as a dancer


With you, I have joy.
Unabashed, blissful joy.
Bright as a flower


It is having everything I could ever want
all wrapped up in a single little smile.

It is when needs and wants are simple things now
like sitting next to you and watching you play your games
or talking with you about your favorite Star Wars character.

It is laying next to you as you drift off to sleep.

It is simply knowing you
listening to you
watching you
being with you.

With you, I have heaven in my heart.


I love you too much!

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There is a Little Grandpa in There

Posted by Kim on Thursday Oct 15, 2015 Under Photoetry

So many days I am sad because you never met my dad. Your grandpa.


But then I am sweetly reminded that you have.
He is with you.
He is a part of you.
There is a little Grandpa in there.

You have his silliness.
His quiet sense of humor that gets ya every time.



You have his gentleness.
His calm way of making each moment last forever. Like a deep, slooow breath.



You have his heart.
His ability to see others with compassion. To feel their joy and their pain.



There are little things that remind me of him.
Like your feet. With their beautiful arch.


Or an expression.


Little things that make me smile.
Little things that make my eyes water.
And for a moment I feel the warmth of his presence…
because there is a little Grandpa in there.

He was a great man.
It is comforting to know and feel that wonderfulness lives on.

Happy Birthday Grandpa.

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The 1,000-Year Storm

Posted by Kim on Friday Oct 9, 2015 Under Tru Moments

It rained like we have never seen rain before.
And then it rained some more.
But we survived the 1,000-year storm.




(That is a waterfall coming off the sidewalk.)

This could have easily been our street.
We are SO lucky our house was fine.

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Lightning Moments

Posted by Kim on Sunday Oct 4, 2015 Under Photoetry

Moments happen
Flashing throughout life


Pay attention to the flashes
For it is there you find true beauty



The flash
The moment
will then be gone forever



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This One is My One

Posted by Kim on Sunday Oct 4, 2015 Under A Few of My Favorite Things...

There are so many boys in this world and each special in his own way, but this one.
This one has hijacked my life.


I try not be so emotional. I try to keep my cool and remember all parents have kids they love.
But he overwhelms me.
He overwhelms my heart. He overwhelms my mind.
And before I know it, I’m a big pile of mushy, smushy love.


Your freedom and endless joy is my breath.
In and out.
In and out.
Filling me and cleansing me.



Your adventure and curiosity is my youth.
Look and question.
Explore and discover.
Try and try again.
Keeping me fresh and new everyday.



In the turret on Battleship North Carolina

Your frivolous play is my calm.
Laugh and smile.
Goof off with no purpose.
Returning me to my peace and free-spirit.



The little things that some may take for granted are huge to me.
Losing your first tooth was a real moment.


Losing more is even more exciting!


Just seeing you doing your own thing
can stop me in my tracks and can bring me to tears.


Yesterday while walking together through the mall to the arcade, you put your arm around me.
We walked this way the whole time.
I do not have a photo of this moment, but the memory is secure. The feeling will not be lost.

Because you are my whole world.
You have expanded it in so many directions
and deepened it in such rich ways.


Every day is the best day ever.
I am grateful.
I am humbled.
I am blessed.


I love you too much!

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