Where do I begin.  I have always loved clothes.  Not that I’m a great dresser or a stylist by any means, but I love clothes.  I guess you could say I collect them in a way.  In high school I loved planning my outfits.  I’d study the pages of my monthly subscription to Young Miss for inspiration and try to replicate looks with what I had in my closet.  I’d even take pictures of my ensembles, thinking I had done a good job.  I was proud, even if I did look ridiculous.  Well, many years later and many other and new forms of inspiration and I’m still having at it.  (without the camera…until now, thanks to modern technology.)  The problem is it’s really true what they say – you have a baby and you let yourself go.  Not intentionally.  You’re just so consumed with this new little life that you brought home that you kinda forget about you or at least you don’t care as much.  Outfits just don’t seem as important.  Perspective hits you hard and knocks you right on your butt.

It was subtle at first.  I came home from the hospital feeling like I’d been run over by a steamroller, except I was not flat.  My days were spent in a flurry of bottles and diapers and sitz baths and pads and so much extra fluid in my body that I couldn’t even wear my flip flops.  Not to mention I was hooking up to a pump every chance I could, so undressing was an hourly thing.  I found it easier to just wear my hospital gowns all day.  (I found really cool ones at –  http://www.dearjohnnies.com/shop/ )  When I did start feeling like I could handle a waistband, I opted for clothes that were comfortable for several reasons, but mainly because I got puked on at least once a day.

Then it happened…I went back to work.  I’d search my closet for something comfortable and easy to slip off when I had to pump.  When I wasn’t pumping anymore, I just searched my closet for something comfortable.  I did my best to wear my Nikes as much as possible.  Or my Uggs.  Whichever.  The point is, it was almost a year later and I was…frumpy!  I stood in my closet for 30 minutes last night looking and looking at everything and what did I wear today?  Black pants, pink long sleeve, and…can you guess?…my Nikes.  I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt.  I’ve been sick all weekend and going to work today was tough.  But, the other months – no excuse!

I’ve been turned onto blogging by my dear little fashionista niece, Danielle.  (aka  http://dinosaurtoes.blogspot.com/ ) I’ve decided it’s time to make a little time for me.  It’s okay I think.  In the wild, adult wolves eat before the babies.  That way they stay strong to take care of the young.  Food and fashion don’t exactly compare, but you get the idea.  Taking time to care.  I never understood the whole marketing items to “moms-on-the-go”.  I get it now.  I do everything in a hurry.  I let some things go.  I do others half way.  It’s a challenge to take care of myself when my number one priority is Tru.  He needs me.  He depends on me.  He’s my responsibility.  He’s my duty.  He’s my life.

But…I’m going to try.  Here’s a few recent finds that I will wear and not just hang in the closet!  I’m addicted to tees, so I am drawn to them when I go into a store.  These didn’t photograph too well, but the fabric is awesome.  I found them at J.Crew.  Very silk-like.  Drapes over the body.  My next issue will be bottoms.  I never have luck with bottoms.  I have a million tops and no bottoms.

6 Responses to “Mama Style: How Kim Got Her Groove Back! (or is trying at least)”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Fashionista? Me? Pffff, please! I’m just a train wreck who tries! I still need to go to the J. Crew at Wyndhurst because I love their clothes! Is that a scarf on the last top? I’m addicted to scarves and think they can totally transform an outfit!

  2. Kim Says:

    Yay for the J. Crew outlet! (and additional off!!) Yes, it’s a scarf. The pic didn’t do it justice. It has shimmers of gold in it. Very pretty. I’m loving scarves too and anything tweed.

  3. Kim Says:

    Also, if you click the pics they get bigger.

  4. Alison Says:

    I love those shirts! I have a few, but they are starting to get a little tight around the middle haha!

  5. Kim Says:

    Ha…I wonder why??? Oh so comfy. I want every color!

  6. Shawn Bergen Says:

    I may just have to go to J. Crew and check it out. You are a funny girl…Love you and miss you!

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