Pillow Play

Posted by Kim on Sunday Jan 9, 2011 Under Photoetry

A study in contrasts…

Then (what feels like “way back when”) –

Now –

You’ve grown and as much as you’ve changed, in some ways you haven’t.  Each day I learn more about your budding personality and I cling to familiar moments.

When the bedroom door is left open, your little feet can be heard flying down the hall.  Onto the bed you go.  Every time.

Diving into pillows.  Rolling under covers.

Peek-a-boo.  Where’s Tru?

Giggle  Giggle

Then there’s a serious moment.

Then there’s Byte!

You love her so.  You don’t notice that she’s really not that into you.  You have fun anyway!



Pillow play.

3 Responses to “Pillow Play”

  1. grandma Says:

    how sweet he is, his little personality is just unique. he is little TRU all his very own little boy. so so sweet and beautiful. love you soooo much mr. TRU.

  2. danielle & dinosaur toes Says:

    it’s so weird how he went from being grant’s twin to your twin in less than two years! i swear that’s not the same baby!

  3. Beckie Says:

    he is so cute. love all your pics. <3

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