Autumn Confetti

Posted by Kim on Sunday Nov 28, 2010 Under Photoetry

Throwing their limbs into the air

Leaves landing everywhere

Autumn confetti

Blowing all around

Swirling up, floating down

Autumn confetti

A wave of leaves swimming with the wind

Inviting me in

Autumn confetti

Dance with me

Crunch, crunch, crunch

Autumn confetti

3 Responses to “Autumn Confetti”

  1. grandma Says:

    this is the sweetest little boy, so cute. love you Tru..

  2. janice jennings Says:

    i love looking at this each day, he is so very beautiful, i love you all, kisses to TRU.

  3. janice jennings Says:

    gets sweeter every day i look at it, love you all. hugs and kisses to TRU.

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