A New Perspective

Posted by Kim on Saturday Nov 6, 2010 Under Uncategorized

My little daredevil

Always trusting

A real thrill seeker

Up for adventure

Who would think a trash can and water cooler could be so much fun?

Only you, my Tru

3 Responses to “A New Perspective”

  1. grandma Says:

    what a special time for you all. your days have to be sooo much fun. he is the cutest little boy, i love his new pants,

  2. janice jennings Says:

    seeing Tru is a great way to start my week. love to you all.
    kisses to tru.

  3. danielle & dinosaur toes Says:

    what a little monkey man!

    i meant to email you back about the text. yes, i have a blank wall where i take pictures, that way the only focus is my outfit.

    also, you did get the creative gene! i mean, one of these days maybe you’ll start writing children’s books like i ‘ve been pushing for all these years!

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