For the Love of Water

Posted by Kim on Thursday Jul 15, 2010 Under Photoetry


All around us.

Essential for life.

Helps gardens grow.

Hmmmm…let’s see. What else?

Oceans sustain our planet.

Lawns are greener.

Creates beautiful waterfalls.

Cleans our hands.

And quenches our thirst.


All around us.

Essential for life.

Essential for fun!

4 Responses to “For the Love of Water”

  1. Grant Brown Says:


  2. janice jennings Says:

    what a thirsty little boy, i remember when you (kimberly) tried to eat something off the floor, cannot remember what it was, somewhere i have a picture of you. tru is following behind you, he is so very, very beautiful, i would love to hug him, i am sending kisses to him.

  3. janice jennings Says:

    he is still as pretty today as he was yesterday, so darling, love you all

  4. beckie Says:

    Glad you are truly enjoying Tru to the fullest!!! He is a little Kim!!

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