A Few of My Favorite Things…Dahlias

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Jun 15, 2010 Under A Few of My Favorite Things...

The actual name is – Happy Single Party Dahlia. Now that sounds fun! Like something I want in my yard.  Like my mantra since Tru came along. So it’s setting the tone for my yard work this summer. Every year, for 10 years, I’ve tried to create a pretty yard. Nothing fancy-shmancy. Just neat and tidy. Hasn’t happened yet…the saga continues. But I feel different this year. This year might be the one. Tru has a way of motivating me in all kinds of ways. I want the house to look good for him, not that he cares. I want a yard for him to explore that has beautiful flowers for him to “touchy, touchy.” (His favorite thing to do!) So, we take morning trips to Lowe’s. We wander up and down and all around the lawn and garden department. Tru touches every petal he can get his little hands on. We oooh and aaah at the pretty plants. Then, finally, we choose something to take home. During his nap…I dig and plant our daily selection. It’s a very slow process. Slow and steady wins the race, right? That’s what I tell my students. Maybe by the end of summer I’ll be finished, and that’s ok. It’s the journey that’s most important. Our jaunts are fun and if my yard looks better at the end of all this, then good deal. Party on!

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  1. janice jennings Says:

    i love these flowers, i have never seen any like them. love you all. kiss little TRU for me.

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