After Matth…ew!

Posted by Kim on Monday Oct 10, 2016 Under First

So Hurricane Matthew is coming our way.

Schools close and we wait.

Looks like a category 1 for us.

We have had them before. We are not worried.


Late Friday we board up the windows. Simply because the boards lay in the warehouse (never used) and we have time and nothing else to do.

It starts. Rain and wind.

Makes it hard for me to sleep. I hear the metal boards rattling. The howling wind whipping around the backyard. My phone goes off all night long with warnings about a hurricane and evacuations and tornadoes and flooding. I am awake. You sleep like a champ.

This goes on into the morning and throughout the day. We hunker down in the office.


We get a little break and venture out to see what the world looks like. We think the worst is over.

Then it happens.

The winds pick up.

And up!

Then everything falls apart.

Trees start bending and breaking.

Everything is blowing down the street.

The power goes out. Everywhere.

We ride out to take Grammy and Poppy candles.

It is cool…


until the sun sets.

Then we can not see a single thing. Like being blind with your eyes wide open.

We can not walk around for tripping and simply can not see one another.

We hear people outside yelling, but we do not know who or where they are.

We ride out to check on Greg.

It is spooooky out. We can not see a single building along Hwy 17 and the roads are covered with tree branches, but we can not see them until we are right on them. So we creep along real slow and you just want to go home.

We have our home.






(This is how you do it. This is how you do it, baby.)

We are safe.


We are together.


It’s all good.



Day 2: Progress!


Day 3: Done!



Back to normal…


I love you toooo much!




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  1. grandma in va. Says:

    this is really interesting, , i am so thankful you put the hurricane windows up. so thankful you all were safe, very great news when it came, love you all

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