Q and A on the Trampoline

Posted by Kim on Thursday Apr 28, 2016 Under Tru Moments

We have lots of talks while jumping on the trampoline.

Talks about anything and everything.

This evening you asked, ”┬áMama, how many times does your heart beat in your life?”

“However many times God decides. He designed it,” I answered.

“Mama, how many times will mine beat?”

“I don’t know, but I hope a whole, whole lot. You’ve got a good heart.”

“Probably as many as Poppy. He’s like 80 and I’m just like him.”

“Let’s hope so. You are a little Poppy.”


(selfie with my camera)


I love you too much!


2 Responses to “Q and A on the Trampoline”

  1. grandma in va. Says:

    i see my jumpy little Tru, he has really enjoyed the trampoline, so have Grant and Kimberly.love you Tru, keep on jumping

  2. Beckie Crowell Says:

    He is too funny!! Love y’all!

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