Tru Rivers

Posted by Kim on Sunday Jan 31, 2016 Under A Few of My Favorite Things..., Tru Soundtrack

You have gone from 0 to 6 in a blink.

Every day has been a giant smile. It is all so beautiful.

It is definitely a better place since you came along.

I love you too much!

Song: Better Place by Rachel Platten

2 Responses to “Tru Rivers”

  1. grandma in va. Says:

    this is so amazing and beautiful, what a special and sweet boy Tru is to the world, he has sprinkled your lives with love, smiles and giggles, there is never a bad day in his world, he makes the most af every minute, whay joy he brings to me, love you sooooooo much my TRU

  2. Beckie Crowell Says:

    Great again!!!! Love y’all

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