To Grant, My Forever

Posted by Kim on Sunday Jan 24, 2016 Under A Few of My Favorite Things..., Tru Soundtrack

It all started back in the summer of ’89 at the end of our block on a little section of the beach in Windy Hill.

You were perched on your guard stand and I was rolling the cart down the beach.

We became the best of friends. You were my most favorite person in the whole world.

And in ’98 you became my forever.

You and your family have been such a beautiful gift to me.

Happy Anniversary!

Song: Be My Forever by Christina Perri

7 Responses to “To Grant, My Forever”

  1. grandma in va. Says:

    Kimberly, this is so beautiful, i could not help but cry, you all are so happy and enjoy everyday of life together, i love seeing Byte, he was so much a part of your life, love you all so much

  2. Beckie Crowell Says:

    What a nice way to say “I Love You”. You’ll have this forever!!!! Love y’all

  3. Tricia Jennings Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. grandma in va. Says:

    even sweeter the second time, tell Grant he is very handsome, how young you all you


  5. grandma in va. Says:

    that is the picture, i love the hair cut
    could watch this all night, love you all

  6. uncle chuck Says:

    That was great!!!

  7. grandma in va. Says:

    I still LOVE watching this, what a Happy life you all share, and then there was Tru, precious, what happy , special memories this brings back, thankful for being Blessed with those SPECIAL times, love you all

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