In April

Posted by Kim on Monday May 10, 2010 Under Photoetry

In April, the earth is beginning to stir. It is kicking off its winter blanket, and stretching, and yawning. The earth is bathed in a gentle rain. Cool showers quenching the plants and animals. A refreshing promise for new life.

In April, the trees are greening and thickening. Little buds popping out on skinny branches. Shade becomes a pleasant treat.

The birds are back from their winter journey. They sing and chat with each other. Catch up on old times. They flap and they play. Time to relax.

In April, animals are curious.

Baby squirrels are exploring the big new world.

Butterflies dance on flowers. Bees buzz in the air.

And ants march one by one with a job to do.

In April, life is springing up everywhere. A little boy takes his first breath. Opens his eyes to meet his mom and dad who have loved him for months already.

Each day the world warms around us and a little baby grows. Delicate hands open to grip mama’s finger and little legs can finally kick with ease. A beautiful smile on rosebud lips and a button nose you have to touch. A mom’s heart grows bigger and fuller and she discovers she has more love than her heart can hold. A family becomes whole.

And life is good.

In April, as summer is just around the corner, the wind is soft. The sun is your new best friend. And the world is awakened with endless possibilities.

Happy Mother’s Day Tru…April will always be my favorite month!

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  1. janice jennings Says:

    how very special, april is one of my favorite months. love you.

  2. Ted Jennings, Jr. Says:

    Only real cool people are born in April…. especially on the 9th!!

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