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Posted by Kim on Sunday Nov 22, 2015 Under First

This is such a great read…I can’t put it down!
As a writer, I am excited.
I am excited that you have worked through the process of writing and published your very own book. I am excited at the amount of pride you had when handing this book to me.
As a teacher, I am impressed.
I am impressed with your invented spelling, voice, ideas, and word choice. I am impressed with your willingness to take risks and be creative.
As a mom, I am touched.
I am profoundly touched at the level of joy you share when reflecting on your life and the fact that when memories of your life surfaced as possibilities for your book…thoughts of me are weaved into this text. It means everything to me that you live happiness and see the beauty in moments. This book is proof that you cherish the life you live. It shows what is important to you. I am moved to near tears by what you see as the priorities in your life. I could not ask for anything more.


Me – My name is Tru. I am happy and funny. And I am silly too. I laugh if somebody laughs.

Family – My family lives together. I have a mom and a dad too. (photo – Dad, Tru, Mom)
Food – My favorite food is pizza. It is yummy with pepperoni.

Things I Like – I like to play Minecraft with my mom and dad.
Things I Like – I like to bounce on the trampoline with my mom. (photo – Mom, Dad, Woof, Dog)

Future Plans – Make robots in the future. It sounds good. (photo – Yay, Beep, Bop)

Writing puts our thoughts and our heart on paper. It is a way of sharing and holding our thinking still in that moment of time and it will forever be there.
This writing. Your book. Is your 6 year old mind. What a beautiful place!
I wonder what else is in there.

I love you too much!

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  1. Beckie Crowell Says:

    That is so cute!! Oh what precious memories!! Love y’all!!!

  2. Aunt Tonz Says:

    Wow! Awesome story, Tru! Love you!

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