Each Day, More “er”

Posted by Kim on Saturday Aug 29, 2015 Under Photoetry

My little Tru.


You grow. You change.

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Each day you evolve into something more beautiful than the day before.

Each day I think I could not love you anymore and then…

I do.

You bring more “er” to my life.


Each day the smiles are bigger.


The laughs are louder.


Each day the tickles are ticklier.


Each day the hugs are tighter.


Each day my heart is fuller.


Each day is more wonderful because each day you are more you.

Thanks for all the “er” you bring me.

I love you too much!


2 Responses to “Each Day, More “er””

  1. Beckie Crowell Says:

    That’s so sweet. Love your shoes!!! Love y’all!!!!

  2. grandma in va. Says:

    what an amazing message, this is toooo sweet, what happiness and love you all share, love you all love to sweet Tru

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