Where Once There Was a House

Posted by Kim on Saturday Apr 10, 2010 Under Photoetry

Where once there was a house,
a porch
and a yard

Where once it was always quiet and still
Now it’s alive with laughter and tunes and joy the heart can feel

Where once furniture was in place and rarely ever used
Now is scattered here and there and worn like familiar shoes

Where once the floors were sparkling clean
Now toys, blankets, and crumbs can all be seen

Where once the blinds were never raised
Now are smeared fingerprints where little hands have grazed

Where once I cleaned and worked and read
Now I entertain and chase and a tiny mouth is fed

Where once I slept for half the day
Now its rise and shine, time to play

Where once the only sound was a car going by
Now there’s giggles, giggles, giggles, and sometimes a pitiful cry

Where once the only movement was a dog on all fours
Now there’s the smack of hands and feet scooting across hardwood floors

Where once the laundry was big and grown-up like
Now there’s soft little doll-sized garments for our little doll-sized tike

Where once there was a house
a porch
and a yard

Now there is a home where fun, love, and games are never, ever hard.

4 Responses to “Where Once There Was a House”

  1. janice jennings Says:

    i love the where once , how things change and for the BETTER..my love.

  2. Grant Says:


  3. Norma Jean Says:

    Loved this. Love you too.

  4. Ted Jennings, Jr. Says:

    This is sooo good… you really are gifted! You should write a childs book… seriously. We love ya’ll!

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