Got Our Game On

Posted by Kim on Friday Nov 21, 2014 Under A Few of My Favorite Things...

Nights at our house are often not at our house at all. Across the parking lot we hang out in Daddy’s office surrounded by computers and guns. It doesn’t sound very comfortable, but there’s no where more perfect in this world. We each have our own setup. In triangular formation we play. We play games and we laugh. And laugh. And laugh. And laugh. You will be rich in memories. No nights spent in front of a television for you, little man. No, we follow each other through deserts and forests. Explore caves and mine for diamonds and emeralds. Build houses and farms. Fight off Zombies and skeletons. Jump through portals and land in the Ender World. And of course sometimes, just sometimes, you create our own game within the game and we chase and battle each other. Always ending badly for me. Why are you laughing so much in the video? Because I can Not get away from you! No matter what. Just wait. Tomorrow night we play again! Game on.

I love you too much!


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  1. Beckie Says:

    Never a dull moment at your house! That sand looks like a lot of fun! I may have to get some for my kids!! Love y’all!!

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