Veteran’s Day: First Performance

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Nov 11, 2014 Under First

Monday night you question me about how I feel. I’ve been sick and have no voice. We stayed home Monday. Being the astute little guy you are, you decide that we should stay home Tuesday as well. You are sure I can’t teach if I can’t talk. I promise you that I will figure it out. I will manage after all, it’s your performance day. Then you come clean…”Mama, I don’t want to go on stage; I have stage fright.” Whatwhat? I didn’t even know you knew the term! I tell you not to worry – you will be up there with every single kindergarten, singing and having fun.

Tuesday afternoon riding home in the car you say, “Mama, that was fun singing today. I LOVE being on stage!”

You go boy! Rock it out!!

Happy Veteran’s Day!

I love you too much!

(center, third row back, blue t-shirt…look behind the little boy on the front row in the red shirt with writing down the front)

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  1. Tricia Jennings Says:

    I absolutely love this! What a priceless moment 🙂

  2. Beckie Says:

    It keeps telling me an error occurred!

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