Saturday, 7:20 PM – Rainbow on the Beach

Posted by Kim on Saturday Sep 20, 2014 Under Tru Moments

The moment.

Driving home from Grammy and Poppy’s house along the boulevard and I spot a rainbow. Daddy goes to turn on our street and I say, “No! Go to the beach access.” He hesitates and I point straight ahead.



We’re like, “Look at the rainbow! Isn’t it gorgeous!”

(It was really glowing. Almost neon. The pic doesn’t do it justice!)

And then you’re like, “Let’s go on the beach!”

We run onto the sand and then we look south and we’re like, “Whoa. Look at the sky!”


And then you’re all like, “I’m getting in the water!”

And so you did.

Clothes and all.

The end.

I love you too much!


2 Responses to “Saturday, 7:20 PM – Rainbow on the Beach”

  1. Beckie Says:

    Too cute and sweet! You have a lot of precious moments to remember!! Love y’all <3

  2. Julie Fay Says:

    Beautiful pictures. So glad you posted because I was working on school work and never saw any of this beauty. Glad you took it all in.

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