My Heroes: First Day of Kindergarten

Posted by Kim on Saturday Aug 23, 2014 Under First


School. My home away from home.

The one place I know well. The place I go every day and even when I’m not there, it’s on my mind. It’s just a part of who I am.

As excited as I am for you, you would think I’d be completely comfortable with you starting school. But as I walk down the familiar hall and greet my teacher friends, I strangely feel like I’m in a foreign land. Nervous, anxious, excited, scared, and confused. My stomach turns for you. My palms sweat for you. And my mind races. I’m sure you feel the same, but you go right on in and do exactly what you’re told without batting an eye. Later, I see you walking out to recess and you smile the biggest smile and wave your little hand excitedly.  A sense of relief floods over me and I’m so incredibly proud of you. On my way to lunch I see you in the computer lab helping the child sitting next to you. You have gone from one extreme to the other. From playing all day with Daddy and Poppy to working in a room full of strangers.

Your teachers, Mrs. DuBose and Mrs. Hobson are angels. All you’ve ever known is the love and comfort of family. Yet, somehow they have slipped right in under the radar. They very quickly changed your little world and you love them. You love school and I could cry. I’m sure it’s just another day at work for them. Another first day in kindergarten. Just doing what they always do. Not realizing the impact they have made to one little boy and one mama. I’m far beyond grateful. They are my new heroes.


(Seconds after pulling out of the school parking lot to go home after school.)

You’ve had a very FULL day.

I have a very FULL heart.

I love you too much!

3 Responses to “My Heroes: First Day of Kindergarten”

  1. grandma in Va. (JJ) Says:

    I am so happy that you have just taken to school so well, you say I love it, you have made friends, what a happy time for you, i know you will do really great, I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH.

  2. ted jr Says:

    Love it! Wishing Tru a very successful first year!! We love ya’ll…

  3. Beckie Says:

    Little Kimberly with blonde hair fast asleep!!! Glad he had a fun first day. He will do great! Love y’all

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