Tru Moments: A First for Firsts

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Jul 8, 2014 Under First, Tru Moments

A great trip has the perfect combination of new mixed with familiarity.

We rolled into Virginia, the hills that is. Going to visit Grandma. (You love her stairs!)


This time in the summer. The first time was in the winter.

This Virginia was entirely different.

This Virginia was bright and polished. Heavy with heat.

You visited Ella Grace and Addy’s house for the first time.


You swam and dove off a diving board for the first time.


You searched the cabinets for snacks for a picnic in the playhouse. Shot water guns from the fort. Crafted swords from wrapping paper tubes. And participated in a dance contest to the song, “Happy”. (Which conveniently sums up our visit to their house in one word.)



We had a good ole family pool party. You swam and clowned around with Bryce.




I chatted with the new beautiful Baby Ella.


This Virginia was alive and lush. Surrounding us in green.

You trapped your first frog on Grandma’s porch. They were our summertime carolers outside the screen door. Singing of lazy days and warm nights.


You swam with your first snake in the pool. (You later told me, “There’s a lot of creatures at Grandma’s house.”)


You even drove your first tractor with Uncle Ted.


This Virginia was full of surprises. Some delightful. Some scary. But all for you.

This Virginia was my original home. This is where I grew up until one day somewhere else tugged on my heart.

That would be South Carolina.

From mountains to beach. From home to home.

Where will your heart take you?


4 Responses to “Tru Moments: A First for Firsts”

  1. Beckie Says:

    You out did yourself again!!! This is so wonderful to have later!! Glad y’all had a GREAT trip. Lots of Love!!!

  2. grandma in Va. (JJ) Says:

    you visit was soooo much fun and special time with everyone it was great to have you visit and play, I love you

  3. grandma in va. Says:

    This is just as sweet today as it was back then, what a fun special time and memory, loved it and still do

  4. grandma in va. Says:

    Still a Beautiful memory, he grew from a sweet little boy to a Sweet bigger boy, love,hugs and kisses to you My Tru

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